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Deathguard vs Orks

Death Guard greets the Waaagh!

In this months match up, the forces of a newly collected Deathguard army, cunningly camouflaged to blend in with the terrain, meet the arrival of the new Ork codex. 

Mission Source: Chapter Approved 2017
Mission: Maelstrom of War - Race to Victory
Points: 2000
Armies: Deathguard / Orks - Goffs Kultur

So, first battle with the new Ork Codex. Only the second time I've faced Death Guard, and first time with Orks, ever. So, a lot of unknown ground here, on both sides.

I didn't get my opponents list, and also did not not the psyker powers he used, but I'll do my best to explain things.

Death Guard


HQ     Necrosius the Undying
HQ     Malignant Plagueaster

T     15 Poxwalkers
T     15 Poxwalkers
T     10 Plague Marines w/ a Plaguespewer

FA     3 Blighthaulers, Multi-meltas, Missile Launchers

HS     Plagueburst Crawler, Entropy Cannons, Rothail Volley Gun
HS     Plagueburst Crawler, Entropy Cannons, Rothail Volley Gun


HQ     Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, Hellforged Sword, Suppurating Plate, Rotten Constitution, Warlord

FA     Foetid Bloat Drone
FA     Foetid Bloat Drone
FA     Foetid Bloat Drone

Orks - Goffs


HQ     Ghazkull, Warlord
HQ     Big Mek Mega Armour, Power Klaw, Kustom Mega Blasta, Kustom Force Field, Lucky Stick
HQ     Weirdboy, Staff

T     Nob, Power klaw, Slugga, 29 Boyz, 3 x Tankbusta bombs
T     Nob, Power klaw, Slugga, 29 Boyz, 3 x Tankbusta bombs
T     Nob, Power klaw, Slugga, 29 Boyz, 3 x Tankbusta bombs

EL     Painboy
EL     Nob, Kustom Shoota, Waaagh! Banner
EL     10 Meganobz, Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw

HS     3 Killa Kans, Big Shootas, Kan Klaws
HS     3 Deff Dreds, 2 Big Shootas, 2 Dread Klaws


The mission, Race to Victory, was the first to 10 Victory Points. Interesting. With all the Death Guard things that could move quickly, I kinda felt at a bit of a disadvantage right off the bat. 

The 6 objectives were basically 3 down each side of the board, evenly spaced.

I got to choose a deployment type, so in typical orky fashion, I chose modified spearhead, to get as close as possible.

We deployed, and the first of the new Ork capabilities showed themselves. I spent 1 CP per Ork Boyz mob to upgrade them to Skarboyz, in true Goff fashion. I also spent another CP to upgrade my Weirdboy to a Warphead, and another 4 CP to put 2 units into Tellyporta Reserves, these would be the Meganobz, and the Dread Mob.

Yeah, I spent all 8 CP before I even finished deploying.

 I finished deploying first, gaining the +1 to determine who got first turn, which I won, and the Death Guard promptly seized the initiative. Par for the course in that department for my games.

Death Guard right flank. Plague Marines and Blighthaulers.

Death Guard center. Two units of Poxwalkers,
backed up by Necrosius and a Plaguecaster.

Death Guard left flank. Daemon Prince of Nurgle Warlord,
with his bodyguard of Foetid Bloatdrones.

Ork horde. That's 90 Skarboyz, Ghaz, Big Mek
 w/ KFF, Painboy and Waaagh! Banner.

And three Killa Kans to lead the way. Everything
 inside the 9" bubble from the Mek.

Turn 1 - Death Guard

Death Guard objectives.


The Daemon Prince Advanced, accompanied by his three bloat drones towards Obj 5.
Obj 5 is center, top of pic. Ork horde is top right of pic, just out of view.

Necrosius and the Plaguecaster both buffed the unit of Poxwalkers right across from the Orks horde. I think they became S4, T4, got a bonus to their Disgustingly Resilient (DR rolls) rolls, and maybe an extra attack? Also, Daemon Prince cast -1 To Hit him. 

Everything that could fired at the Killa Kans, but only managed to kill two of the three.


Killa Kans passed.

Death Guard - 0
Orks - 0

Turn 1 - Orks

Ork objectives
Apparently, Obj 5 has something very important on it. Hmm. 

I don't think Skarboyz are a good tool to try to fight a Daemon Prince with The Suppurating Plate. So I ignore that flank right now, moving my boyz slightly away from him as they advance. The Ork horde advances en masse, including the sole surviving Killa Kan.
The Green tide cometh.

The Warphead manifests Da Jump, and auto-Perils thanks to the 60 boyz within 10" of him.
He sends the blue Skarboyz over to the Ork left flank, in position to assault the Plague Marines, with a conga-line back to Obj 1. 

To be honest, these things pull me out of the game, but it is a part of the game now, so I'm trying to get used to it.
This is after the Charge Move, but before
attacks have been resolved.

The Killa Kan, Ghaz, the Waaagh! Banner bearer all shoot at the nearest Bloat Drone, to no effect.

The Big Mek fires at the Blighthaulers, overheats and takes a Mortal Wound for his efforts.

The blue Skarboyz fire a volley from their pistols and kill one Plague marine.

The blue Skarboyz charge through Plague Marine Overwatch, losing a couple boyz on the way in, then 'just' manage to wipe out the Plague Marines. They Consolidate into the Blighthaulers and the Plaguecaster.

None to take.

Death Guard - 0
Orks - 1 (First Blood)

Turn 2 - Death Guard

Three objectives, and a secret beer.

Two of the Bloat Drones claim Obj 5. The last  Drone moves into position to spew onto the red Skarboyz. The Daemon Prince moves up in support of him.

Securing Obj 5.

Moving in on the horde.

The Blighthaulers and Plaguecaster Fall Back out of combat with the blue Skarboyz, leaving them open to shooting. The Blighthaulers moved into a screening position to block the Skarboyz getting straight into the Poxwalkers.

"Blighthaulers can be a pain to deal with", he says. 

Both units of Poxwalkers adjust (slowly) to their right.

Necrosius and the Plaguecaster both buff the Poxwalkers closest to the blue Skarboyz.

The Daemon Prince tries to buff himself again, but fails to manifest.

Most of the anti-tank ranged attacks go into the last remaining Killa Kan, which takes a surprising amount of punishment before it goes down. That Kustom Force Field is still a mandatory piece of kit, in my opinion.

The anti-infantry fire goes into the red Skarboyz, killing a few.

The lone Bloat Drone spews into the red Skarboyz killing a few more, but less than it was hoping for, having rolled low for its 2d6 shots.

The Poxwalkers lose a couple to Overwatch then kill so many blue Skarboyz that they can't attack back. 
Buffed Poxwalkers butcher alot of Skarboyz, but not
 enough to get them off the objective.

The blue Skarboyz are within 6" of the brown Skarboyz, so use their Ld to pass the Morale test.

Death Guard - 1 (Overwhelming Firepower)
Orks - 1 (First Blood)

Turn 2 - Orks

I kept my three Obj from last turn.

The brown Skarboyz moved into position to assault the Blighthaulers.

The red Skarboyz moved to assault the bloat drone.

Ghaz moved to assault the Daemon Prince.

Painboy, Warphead and Waaagh! Banner moved up to support brown and red Skarboyz.

Blue Skarboyz pulled back from the Poxwalkers, having learned their lesson, to Defend the Obj 1.

Painboy healed the Warphead of his 2 wounds.

The Meganobz Tellyporta'd down behind the Daemon Prince.

The Dread Mob Tellyporta'd down around the two Bloat Drones on Obj 5.

Warphear cast Warpath on the brown Skarboyz, and cast Smite on the Blighthaulers, stripping a wound.

Pistol shots from the brown Skarboyz inflicted a single wound to the Blighthaulers.

Dreads fired at Bloat Drones for no effect.

Meganobz fired at the Daemon Prince for no effect.

Ghaz only managed to put one wound on the Prince. Not a good start.

The Daemon Prince the used Counter-Attack and retaliated, putting 4 wounds on Ghaz.

Brown Skarboyz assaulted the Blighthaulers, killing one. Just for clarity, that was 96 S5 choppa attacks hitting on 2+, plus 4 power klaw attacks on 3+. And that managed to do just 7 wounds. A pain to deal with, he says. Uh huh. And Disgustingly Resilient is definitely disgusting. And frustrating to get through after a 3+ armour save. Wow.
Skarboyz vs Blighthaulers, with Orks locking
them in so they can't Fall Back.
Red Skarboyz assault lone Bloat Drone, losing 4 on the way in, and take it down to 1 wound, getting +1 A from being near Ghaz.

The Meganobz multi charge the Daemon Prince and the two other Bloat Drones, and basically whiff big time. The put three wounds on the Prince, and a few on the Bloat Drones, but nowhere near what was expected.
Two Deads vs two Bloat Drones. Fairly even match.

Two of the three Dreads made it into the Bloat Drones, dealing two wounds to one, and seven to the other. 

Dreads and Drones on the left, Prince and Meganobz
in the middle, Drone and Skarboyz on the right.

None needed on either side.

Death Guard - 1 (Overwhelming Firepower)
Orks - 3 (First Blood, Defend Obj 1 (2))

Turn 3 - Death Guard


The two Bloat Drones Fall Back from the two Dreads, but stay in range to spew on them.

The Daemon Prince also Falls Back, but onto Obj 5, more than 1" away from the two Dreads and the Meganobz.

The Poxwalkers advance toward the brown Skarboyz, and the other Poxwalkers (unused unit) moves towards the red Skarboyz.

The lone Bloat Drone with a single wound remaining Falls Back, to flame the red Skarboyz he was in combat with.

Between the Plaguecaster and Necrosius, they failed to manifest two of four powers attempted, and the Warphead Denied the other two, leaving the Poxwalkers completely unbuffed. 

The Daemon Prince did buff himself with the -1 To Hit him this turn.

Anti-tank fire went into the Meganobz, and anti-infantry fire went into the red Skarboyz, killing one Meganob and a few Skarboyz, 4 or 5 maybe.

The two Bloat Drones fired at the left Dread, causing 6 wounds.

The other Bloat Drone rolled 2 shots on 2d6 at the Big Mek in Mega armour, and caused one wound.

Daemon Prince charged one Dread, wrecking it, no explosion.

Two Bloat Drones charged the other Dread, dealing one Wound, leaving it at one Wound.
The mess of heavy hitters and super resilient units
continue to jump around and trade blows.

Lone Bloat Drone charged the Big Mek, did no damage, and died to his Power Klaw, and did not explode.

The Blighthaulers killed a few brown Skarboyz, and took 8 wounds in return, just enough to kill a Blighthauler again.
Skarboyz slowly whittling down the Locked in Blighthaulers.

Poxwalkers charged into the brown Skarboyz, in combat with the Blighthaulers, and hurt them, but not bad enough that the Orks could fail a Morale test. It was something like 7 dead Orks, with 15 or so left, so couldn't fail. Also, the return attacks from the Skarboyz (with Warpath) wiped out the unbuffed Poxwalkers.

None required.

Death Guard - 5 (Overwhelming Firepower (1), Defend Obj 5 (2), Disgusting Devotions (1), Capture Obj 5 (1))
Orks - 3 (First Blood, Defend Obj 1 (2))

Turn 3 - Orks

I think we grabbed this pic after the end of the game, since this was the last turn.
Missing an objective, I think the card was something I couldn't achieve.

Red Skarboyz move to within 2" of the remaining Poxwalker unit.

Ghaz moved up to the Daemon Prince. 

The Meganobz also moved into position to assault only the Daemon Prince.

The remaining Dread moved into position to assault the Bloat Drones (either one).

The Waaagh! Banner moved into support position for the brown and red Skarboyz (+1 to hit).

The Painboy, Warphead and Big Mek moved back into my Deployment Zone to score Hold the Line.

Remaining blue Skarboyz moved into position to assault the Plaguecaster.

Painboy healed the Warphead back to healthy.

Warphead cast Warpath on the brown Skarboyz in combat with the lone Blighthauler. he also cast Smite on it, stripping 2 wounds.

Not much really, some plinking here and there, but it Goffs.

The Meganobz assault the Daemon Prince, taking him down to 2 wounds. Rotten Constitution is awesome when getting hit with power klaws. Also, Suppurating Plate doling back Mortal Wounds...also awesome.

Ghaz asaults the Daemon Prince, stripping his last 2 wounds, getting Slay the Warlord.
Ghaz and his Meganobz kill the Daemon Prince and
 a Bloat Drone to claim, and ultimately defend obj 5.

Dread one asasults the damaged Bloat Drone, killing it, it explodes and everyone takes a mortal wound (Ghaz, Meganobz, Dread). Of course, the other Bloat Drone passed his DG roll. Ugh.

Red Skarboyz charge and destroy the Poxwalkers with 85 attacks, hitting on 2+, wounding on 3+.

Brown Skarboyz don't kill the last Blighthauler, but it's hurt pretty bad. One or two wounds left, I think.

Blue Skarboyz eat Plaguespewer Overwatch, killing 4 (ouch), they annihilate the Plaguecaster in a flurry of axes.

None needed on either side.


Death Guard - 5 (Overwhelming Firepower (1), Defend Obj 5 (2), Disgusting Devotions (1), Capture Obj 5 (1))
Orks - 6 (First Blood, Defend Obj 1 (2), Secure Obj 5 (1), Slay the Warlord (1), Hold the Line (1))


We called it here. The next three objectives the Death Guard drew were not achievable, so no points there for him.

I drew something I could get, plus I was going to Defend Obj 5 and he couldn't stop me, plus I could get Linebreaker with multiple Boyz units getting into his deployment zone and assaulting his Plaguecrawlers and Necrosius.

I think we figured it would probably end up 9 or 10 to 6 for the Orks.

Some thoughts.

Spending all my CP before the game meant less decisions during the game, but also less options. Also, had to be careful of positioning, since I did't have access to Insane Bravery. Can't afford to lose boyz because you are out of aura range.

Being able to Tellyporta in two unit where you need them is such a boost to the Ork heavy hitters. And with the changes to the wording of 'Ere We Go!, it means a change from 48% to 56% of a successful charge, roughly. And Orks needed it. 

The Waaagh! is underway!

Near in the future, the Orks will face Ultramarines. We'll see how they fare against Primaris fire power. Charging Aggressors seems like it will hurt.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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