Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Long War Campaign: A Guide

Campaign Guidelines

Here's the outline for this campaign.

It will only involve Loyalist and Chaos Marine armies. 

Games will be 2000 points.

The winner of each scenario must keep his army the same, no changes may be made except in the case of a named character being removed from play. In that case, the named character must miss as many games as he has wounds.

The loser of each scenario can change as much or as little of his army as he wishes, including tailoring to specifically defeat the foe who just defeated him.

Following each battle, the next scenario will be determined based on the outcome of the just finished game.

Hopefully, any of our miniatures that aren't painted will be painted by the next battle. But no promises!!

We are using the scenarios from the Battle Missions book, and adjusting them as we see fit. Also, some of the scenarios will be taken from the Cities of Death book.

And that's pretty much it. Here's hoping there's much carnage in the near future!!

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