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Insurrection Campaign Battle 1

Clash of Titans I

Mission Source: Main Rule book
Mission: Eternal War - Big Guns Never Tire
Points: 2000
Armies: Chaos Space Marines - Khorne / Tau Empire - Farsight Enclaves

Gargarax Sigax the Fellblade, a Chaos Warlord, has risen to a position of power after finding a Kytan Daemon Engine buried in an ancient vault, far on the Eastern fringe. Having recently restored the dark machine to functionality, the Chaos Lord finds himself under assault as the forces of Farisght Enclaves react to the intrusion into not only their system, but one of their cities!

The planet is currently being colonized by the Farsight Enclaves. Gargarax leads his force into the only city on the planet, thinking the Kytan Daemon engine, once repaired, will easily clear a path through the city defenders. He is stunned when his force is met by a KX 139 Tau'nar Supremacy Armour, bristling with firepower. Angered by this attempt to repulse him, the Chaos Lord uses his talisman, and summons forth Skarbrand himself, greatest of the Bloodthirsters! He wisely points both the Kytan and Skarbrand in the general direction of the Tau battle line, and gets out of the way!

Chaos Space Marines - Khorne

Black Crusade Detachment - Crimson Slaughter - Traitor's Hate

Maelstrom of Gore [Core]
Khorne Choas Lord on Bike, Gargarax Sigax the Fellblade
5 Khorne Berzerkers 1
5 Khorne Berzerkers 2
5 Khorne Berzerkers 3
5 Khorne Berzerkers 4

1 Khorne Spawn [Aux]

Combined Arms Detachment - Chaos Daemons

HQ      Skarbrand
T         10 Bloodletters 1
T         10 Bloodletters 2
LoW    Kytan Daemon Engine


Deredeo 1 Dreadnought - Anvilus Autocannon Battery
Deredeo 2 Dreadnought - Hellfire Plasma Cannonade

Tau Empire - Farsight Enclaves

Firebase Support Cadre

XV104 Riptide w/ Ion Accelerator, Twin linked Fusion Blaster
3 XV88 High Yield Missile Pod, Smart Missile System
3 XV88 Twin linked Heavy Rail Rifle, Smart Missile System

Optimized Stealth Cadre

XV95 Ghostkeel Cyclic Ion Raker, Twin linked Fusion Blaster
6 XV25 Burst Cannons
6 XV25 Burst Cannons

Combined Arms Detachment - Farsight Enclaves

HQ     Farsight
T        XV8 Crisis Monat 1 2 x Fusion Blaster
T        XV8 Crisis Monat 2 2 x Fusion Blaster
T        XV8 Crisis Monat 3 2 x Fusion Blaster
LoW  KX139 Tau'nar Supremacy Armour


Khorne won the roll off, and let the Tau shake out into its battle line before launching its assault.
The Tau apparently did not see the forces of Chaos moving into their assault positions, since they did not engage them before the assault had begun.
Thanks to waiting to see what the Tau were doing, Gargarax Sigax lost the cover of darkness, and the morning sun shone bright, which was offensive to him on principle.

There are three objectives. One in the center of the table, and one in each of the fenced in yards adjacent to the central street. Control of those 4 central structures and the main street will determine the outcome of the contest.

Tau Deployment

Pure firepower gunline. Tau at its finest.
Farsight deployed the KX139 Tau'nar Supremacy Armour in the center of his line. He ordered the Firebase Support Cadre to take positions guarding the left flank, and the Optimized Stealth Cadre to guard the right flank. Farsight himself, along with the three single XV8 Crisis suits sporting dual Fusion Blasters, went into Reserve, to try to counter whatever the forces of Khorne did.

Fields of fire to almost every part of the battlefield. 

Assault line vs Gun line.

Khorne Deployment

Khorne warband eager to get to grips with the Tau.
Gargarax Sigax deploys his Berzerkers (1 through 4) in a line as close as possible to pressure the gunline as much and as fast as possible.

On his far left, at the end of his line, he orders Bloodletters 1 to attempt a flanking push at the Optimized Stealth Cadre.

On his far right, he manages to get the lone Khorne Spawn into the line opposite the Riptide.
Gargarax revs the engine on his bike, and pulls up behind Berzerkers 3, redlining his engine and thumbing his chainsword to life, revving both engines in eager anticipation of taking some skulls.

Behind the assault line, Lord Sigax orders the two Deredeo's onto rooftops, the Hellfire Plasma Cannonade overlooking the left flank, while the Anvilus Autocannon Battery overlooks the right.

And everybody wisely gets out of the way when the Kytan decides where it wants to be, its thunderous footfalls cracking streets and shaking buildings as it builds up a head of steam and prepares to hurl itself at the enemy!

Gargarax knows that Skarbrand is waiting in Reserve to pounce, along with Bloodletters 2. They are hoping that they can provide so much pressure so quickly on the Tau gunline that a crack will form, widen to a hole, and turn into a crumbling section of wall through which they can pour!

KX139 focused on the Kytan down the street.

The Kytan Daemon Engine equally focused on the Supremacy Armour.

Turn 1 Khorne

The forces of Khorne swarm over the buildings in the center of the table.

Bloodletters feel left out as they can't get out of the street.

Gargarax and his warband are ready to pounce next turn.

Gargarax Sigax recieved Shrouded as his free Chaos Boon. With enough gifts from the Gods, he would rival a Kytan himself!

Bellowing a roar that eclipses the noise of the revving of his chainsword and bike, Gargarax Sigax and the entire Khorne line surge forward. Everything moves as far forward as possible.

Deredeo 2 fired at the Riptide with its Autocannons, but the shells pattered harmlessly off the heavy armour plates.

The Kytan, realizing it was not in range of the KX139, turned its massive Gatling Cannon at Broadsides 2, and raked them with a full burst, but even those heavy shells couldn't break the Tau heavy armour plates.

Deredeo 1 levelled his Hellfire Plasma Cannonade as Broadside 2, and even though those rounds were enough to melt their way through the heavy Tau armour, they couldn't get past the cover the rooftop afforded (4+).

The Tau line was just a little too far away to attempt any assaults.

Turn 1 Tau

2 HP's lost from a single arm's shooting on the KX139.

Bloodletters eat a barrage from the Pulse Ordnance Driver.

There really should be a smoking crater unnder the Bloodletters.

Khorne Lord Gargarax Sigax watches as the 5 Berzerkers right in front of him get cored.

Optimized Stealth Cadre begins to push forward on the Tau right flank.

The members of the Optimized Stealth Cadre leap out of Cover and begin to advance 6".

The Firebase Support Cadre invoked their Firestorm ability, grouped up and unloaded on the Kytan, gaining Tank Hunter. They knocked 5 Hull Points off in a single volley of Ion Accelerator pulses, High Yield Missile Pods, Heavy Rail Rifles and Fusion Blaster shots.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre unloaded on the only target they had, Berzerkers 3. 48 Burst Cannon  and 6 Cyclic Ion Raker shots later, once the dust settled, the ventilated bodies lay before Gargarax Sigax, his blood burning for vengeance. (First Blood)

The KX139 fired his left arm (3 shots S9 AP2) at Deredeo 2 to no effect.
It fired his right arm at Deredeo 1, causing 2 Hull Points of damage, and melting the right Plasma Cannonade in a shower of sparks and melting metal.
The two chest mounted Burst Cannons unloaded on Gargarax, but his ancient armour held, as did his Shrouded and Jinking bike.
The two Smart Missile Systems disgorged a volley at Berzerkers 2, who were trying to take shelter behind one of the central buildings. Two of them were slammed to the ground dead by the missile volley.
And the Pulse Ordnance Driver fired three massive shells high in a guided arc, dropping a thunderous barrage of high explosive on Bloodletters 1, killing 8 and leaving the last two howling for Tau skulls for their god.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre Thrusted 4" to their right, trying their best to distance themselves from the Kytan and the nearest Bererkers at the same time.

Khorne: 0
Tau: 1 (First Blood)

Turn 2 Khorne

Khorne Spawn launches suicide assault to eat up Overwatch from the
Firebase Support Cadre, to allow the Kytan to survive.

Bloodletters 2 and Skarbrand materialize in front of the
Optimized Stealth Cadre.

Gargantuan Creatures don't get Overwatch. With 1 Hull Point remaining,
can the Kytan take down the Tau'nar?

D Melee weapons make everything go away, even unwounded Supremacy Armour.

Bloodletters 2 arrive from Reserve, and thanks to their special rule, they bring Skarbrand with them! They both manage to basically stick their landings right in front of the Optimized Stealth Cadre, mere inches from the KX139!

Gargarax Sigax received Stubborn as his free Chaos Boon this turn.

All surviving models moved as far forward toward the Tau as they could. Most interestingly, the Kytan was only 5" away from the Tau'nar.

Deredeo 1 blasted away at the Optimized Stealth Cadre with his Hellfire Plasma Cannonade, and winged the Ghostkeel for a single Wound.

Deredeo 2 fired his Anvilus Autocannon Battery at Broadsides 2, and one round managed to tear a gaping hole straight through the pilot compartment, eviscerating the pilot and causing the smoking armour to topple from the rooftop down to the street below.

The Kytan Daemon Engine levelled its Gatling Cannon  and pummeled the torso of the Supremacy Armour at point blank range, but none of the shells could punch through the thick plating.

Skarbrand inhaled a massive breath, preparing to unleash his Bellow of Endless Fury at the Ghostkeel, but he triggered his Holophoton Countermeasures and disappeared right before his eyes, leaving him with no apparent target.

The single Khorne Spawn hurled himself at Broadsides 2, with the barest of hopes of surviving the Overwatch and being able to tie up the unit, but more to draw the Overwatch of the Firebase Support Cadre so it couldn't be fired at the Kytan, which was on its last remaining Hull Point.
The Riptide took 1 wound off the Spawn. Broadsides 2 took one wound off the Spawn. And Broadsides 1 took two wounds off the Spawn, finally dropping him, but leaving the KX139 on his own to deal with the charging Kytan!

As the Kytan covered the ground between it and the Tau'nar, massive Great Cleaver of Khorne revving at full speed, the insignificant fire of the defensive systems of the KX139 pattered harmlessly off its armoured torso. Mere Burst cannons and Smart Missile Systems would be of no use in this fight! The Kytan lowered his shoulder and drove its massive pauldron into the chest of the larger battlesuit, but the Tau'nar held his ground, shrugging off the blow. As the slower Tau titan began to swing one of its gun arms around to batter at the Daemon engine before it, a hail of gashing strikes from the Great Cleaver of Khorne lacerated the heavy armour plates, the giant teeth on the weapon sundering critical components and systems. In mere seconds the mighty suit was a tangled of sparking mangled pieces scattered around the intersection.

On a game mechanic note, on 6 melee attacks, the Kytan delivered three "normal" wounds, and one "Deathblow" wound. On 3d3, the Kytan rolled 9, and on 6+d6 the Kytan rolled 11. Yeah, that's 20 wounds, 9 of which the KX139 could have attempted his 5+ Invul, followed by his 5+ Feel No Pain. However, since the 11 Deathblow wounds were more than enough to take the 9 Wounds he starts with, no rolls were made. 20 wounds! That just guts almost any unit in the game, titan, vehicle or infantry type unit. Straight up murder wagon, if I remember the term correctly. 

Anyway...the Kytan Consolidated 2" towards the Fire Support Cadre, who were none so sure of surviving this battle at this point.

The Kytan Daemon Engine regained a Hull Point via It Will Not Die!, and was twice as deadly now, with two Hull Points remaining.

Khorne: 0
Tau: 1 (First Blood)

Turn 2 Tau

Farsight safe, Crisis Monat 1 dead, Crisis Monat 2 Pinned
and wounded after Deep Striking.

Farsight daring the Berzerkers to charge him.
They chose to bring along a rather large and deadly friend.

The Optimzed Stealth Cadre absolutely owning the Tau right flank.

Farsight, Crisis Monat 1, and Crisis Monat 2 all drop into the battle from Reserves.

Crisis Monat 1 tries to drop behind the Kytan, using the building to block Line of Sight from both Deredeo's who have Interceptor since they did not move last turn. Unfortunately, he scatters out into the street, and eats a volley from Deredeo 1 and his Hellfire Plasma Cannonade. The cored and charred remains of the suit clatter to the street.

Crisis Monat 2 tries to drop in the same spot, and almost lands on top of the remains of Crisis Monat 1, and immediately receives a volley from Deredeo 1 and his Aiolos Missile Launcher, but incredibly 2 of the three hits (which are AP3) fail to wound, but the weapon is Pinning, which he promply fails as he realizes the extreme danger his position puts him in.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre moved 6" to their forward right.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre trigger their Wall of Mirrors ability.

The Fire Support Cadre utilized their Firestorm ability again, targeted Skarbrand, and decimated the enemy Warlord in an absolutely brutal volley of pure, unadulterated firepower. They could not have two such melee threats roaming about! (Slay Warlord)

Stealth Suits 1 assuaged their need for vengeance by wiping out the newly arrived Bloodletters 2 in a long, sustained and completely overkilling volley.

Stealth Suits 2 targeted Berzerkers 1 and in an equally furious manner wiped them out.

The Ghostkeel blazed away at the Kytan with his Cyclic Ion Raker, knowing his shots would always find the weakest armour, but even still, he only managed to strip one Hull Point.

Farsight rapid fired his Plasma Rifles into the back of the Kytan, but the energy seemed to disappear as they struck the Daemon.

The pinned Crisis Monat 2 gamely tried to land a Snap Shot with his Fusion Blasters, but his suit was too damaged by the missile volley he survived.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre moved 7" forward right, keeping a wary eye on the Kytan, and which way it was headed. Silently, they said farewell to their friends and brethren in the Fire Support Cadre.

Khorne: 0
Tau: 2 (First Blood, Slay Warlord)

Turn 3 Khorne

Farsight vs 5 Berzerkers...oh yeah, and the Kytan.
He did not fare well.

Gargarax Sigax received Lifetaker as his free Chaos Boon, giving him Instant Death melee attacks.

Berzerkers 2 move back over the building, trying to stay close to the left objective and hide behind some Line of Sight blocking cover.

The two survivors of Bloodletters 1 also move and Run toward the same objective.

The Kytan and Berzerkers 4 move toward and pincer Farsight between them.

Deredeo 2 fired his Anvilus Autocannon Battery at Broadsides 1, and only a single missile strikes home to deal one wound.

Berzerkers 4 fire their bolt pistols at Farsight, one of the rounds finding purchase.

The Kytan, while towering over Farsight, swings his Gatling Cannon around to the Crisis Monat struggling to rise to his feet behind him, and blasts him apart with a burst, and then shoots the pieces as they ricochet around the street.

Berserkers 4 launch their assault at Farsight, who Overwatches them to no effect. 

The Kytan also manages to make his assault, though that low wall that separated him from Farsight (which was no taller than his mechanical toes) almost was an issue, AND it made the Kytan attack at Init 1 (yeah, that seems super dumb in this case). The Berzerker Champion issued his mandatory Challenge, which Farsight had to accept or not be able to attack. Farsight cut down the Champion and another Berzerker for good measure. The Berzerkers managed to land one good wound, leaving Farsight with 2 left. Would the Kytan wiff?

No, of course not. 6 attacks again, 3 hits for 2 "normal" D wounds and another Deathblow. Yeah, that 6+d6 seems a little much. We didn't even roll this time to tally the total wounds.

Khorne: 1 (Slay Warlord)
Tau: 2 (First Blood, Slay Warlord)

Turn 3 Tau

Coordinated Firestorm for the win!

The brutality of the battle is visible by the emptiness of the table.

The Chaos Lord, 3 Berzerkers and both Deredeo's left
facing 1300+ points of Tau firepower.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre advanced straight up the road toward the Khorne side, looking to score Linebreaker next turn.

Stealth Suits 1 unleashed another devastating volley at the two survivors of Bloodletters 1, easy neutralizing them.

Stealth Suits 2 engaged the more resilient Berzerkers 2, but were able to just put down the 5 madmen.

The Firebase Support Cadre involed their Coordinated Firestorm again, and unloaded on the Kytan, knowing if he did not die, they would. The resulting Catastrophic Explosion shattered windows, crumpled support columns in nearby buildings, and brought the newly excavated and renovated Daemon Engine crashing prone in the street to a small chorus of ragged cheering from the surviving Tau.

Game Mechanic Note...again: We thought it odd that Super Heavy Walkers have rules for falling over, but Gargantuan Creatures don't. Their bodies just, disappear, like in a video game. Instant decomposition and putrefaction! Yay for science!

The Optimized Stealth Cadre Thrust move toward Deredeo 2, ready to tackle it next turn.

Khorne: 1 (Slay Warlord)
Tau: 5 (1 Objective, First Blood, Slay Warlord)

At this point, Chaos Lord Gargarax Sigax the Fellblade, seeing victory slip from his grasp, issued the retreat order. The Deredeo's were able to slip off their rooftops and disappear while Lord Gargarax Sigax spun his bike around in a donut, spewing shattered ferrocrete as he took off out of range of the surviving Tau. Knowing he couldn't secure the battlefield with the forces he had available, discretion was the better course of action at this point. Anger seethed in him, it coursed through his limbs and pounded in his veins. He would bathe in the blood of a thousand Tau before he left this world. They would remember his name, and fear him for a thousand generations!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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