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Insurrection Campaign Battle 2

Eternal War: Purge the Alien

Mission Source: Main Rulebook
Mission: Purge the Alien
Points: 2000
Armies: Orks / Chaos Space Marines

Having reached a truce agreement with Gargarax Sigax the Fellblade, a Khorne Warlord, Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur received word of the failed attempt to restore and escape with a Kytan Daemon Engine. As he prepared his forces to launch a second attack to capture the Heavy Walker, his scouts reported an Ork Warband moving into assault position on his temporary base.


Ork Hordes Detachment

HQ  Painboy
HQ  Painboy
HQ  Painboy
T     19 'Ard Boyz, Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw
T     19 'Ard Boyz, Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw
T     19 'Ard Boyz, Nob w/ Bosspole, Power Klaw
HS   Battlewagon w/ Grot Riggers, Reinforced Ram, 4 Rokkit Launchas
HS   Battlewagon w/ Grot Riggers, Reinforced Ram, 4 Rokkit Launchas
HS   Battlewagon w/ Grot Riggers, Reinforced Ram, 4 Rokkit Launchas

Allied Detachment

HQ   Mad Dok Grotsnik
EL    9  'Ard Nobz, Boss Nob w/ Banner, Bosspole, Power Klaw, Trukk
T      26 Shoota Boyz, 3 Big Shoota Boyz, Nob, Shoota, Bosspole, Power Klaw

Chaos Space Marines

Black Crusade Detachment

Core - Chaos Warband

Chaos Lord on Bike - Nurgle,Melta Bombs, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of Corruption, Black Mace, VotLW
Chaos Bikers - 3 w/ Pistols, 2 w/ Flamers, Nurgle
Chaos Marines - Slaanesh, Champion (Power Sword), 5 Marines w/ Bolters, Marine w/ Meltagun, Icon of Excess
Chaos Marines - Nurgle, Champion (Melta Bombs), 6 Marines w/ Bolters, Marine w/ Plasmagun
Havocs w/ 4 Lascannons
5 Possessed - Slaanesh

AUX - Hellforged Warpack

Warpsmith, Nurgle
Forgefiend - 2 Hades Autocannons, Ectoplasm cannon
Maulerfiend - Magma cutters

3 Chaos Nurgle Spawn


Eternal War: Purge the Alien, Vanguard Strike Deployment.

Orks won the roll off and decided to deploy and go first.

Ork Warlord Trait (Mad Dok Grotsnik) is set at Brutal but Kunnin'.

Chaos Warlord Trait rolled was Exalted Champion, which allows re-rolls when rolling for Boons.

There was no Night Fight, as Orks aren't known for their sneakiness, and apparently have launched the attack during the day, the better for them to spot their enemy.

Chaos tried to sieze, but failed.


Overview of the battlefield.

Ork mechanized shock assault force deployed in line.
With not much to deploy, the Orks try to find the cleanest path through the shattered city. The options are limited.

Chaos Warband deploys to meet their foe head on.
Knowing the Orks are coming to them, the Chaos Warband deploys in a line, their own assault elements eager to get their claws into Ork bodies.

Turn 1 Orks

All 3 Battlewagons rev their engines and move as far forward as possible, their reinforced rams smashing rubble in explosions of ferrocrete. Mad Dok Grotsnik and his retinue of 'Ard Nobz in their trukk, eye up a suitably squishy target in the form of some Nurgle Spawn, so the Dok directs his driver in that direction, over on the right flank, moving 12" plus Flat Outing another 12".

The Orks in the Battlewagons all Snap Fire off a volley of rokkits at the Hellbrute and Maulerfiend, but no hits of note are scored.

The Orks advance on line, with the Trukk swinging over to the right flank.

Turn 1 Chaos

Papa Nurgle sees fit to grant Mordebas Goulstur the Boons of Hatred (Everything) and Shred. Handy when you are holding the Black Mace.

Hellbrute stomps forward 6", and erupts in rage as the Maulerfiend dashes forward 12".
The Possessed of Slaanesh, granted Beasts this turn, also race forward 12".
Both of the Rhinos also dash forward 12".
Mordebas Goulstur and his retinue of Chaos Bikers swing out to their right as they move forward 12", trying to determine where a juicy target will appear.
The Nurgle Spawn respond to the indirect challenge, and move 12" toward the trukk barreling at them, the 'Ard Nobz in the back jumping up and down in excitement of the carnage to come.


The Hellbrute fires his Multi-melta at Battlewagon 3 for no effect.

The Forgefiend and Deredeo both unload their Autocannons at Battlewagon 1 and manage only 1 Glancing shot.

The Havocs, seeing the front armour plating of Battlewagon 1 spewing ricochets like Chinese fireworks, center their lascannon sights on the light show, and add their fire as well. 1 Glance and 2 Pens later, the Battlewagon itself turned into a giant firework, exploding in a spectacular fountain of flame and pinwheeling orks through the air. Though many of the Boyz were wounded, only 5 failed to rise and sort themselves into a fighting formation on the bridge. [* A note here: due to the slope on the bridge, the Orks were placed on the flat top section, but their position was really down at the bottom of the side closest to the Chaos side] [1 Killpoint and First Blood go to Chaos!]

The Slaanesh and Nurgle Rhinos both fired at the now disembarked Boyz 1, as well as 2 Chaos Marines firing out the top hatch on both vehicles. The Nurgle portion of the fire managed to drop two Boyz.

The Chaos Bikers also threw some long range shots at Boyz 1, but between the Cover and their new 'Eavy Armour, the Boyz weathered the fire just fine.

The Nurgle Spawn hurled themselves against the Trukk, having been granted Poisoned (4+) this turn, always handy when fighting a vehicle of any kind. Papa Nurgle has a sense of humour it seems. Despite the lack of help from their patron deity, they manage to wreck the trukk easily. The 'Ard Nobz gleefully hurling themselves out of their smoking ride weren't fazed much, thanks to the Fearless presence of Mad Dok.[1 Killpoint]

Nurgle Spawn and their Poison (4+) make short work of the Nobz Trukk.

On the Chaos left flank, the Hellbrute attempted to bash his way through the ruins between it and Battlewagon 2, but was slowed down enough by the rubble that it wouldn't be using its' powerfist this turn.

 The Maulerfiend scuttled forward, latched its claws onto the armour of Battlewagon 2, and let its Magma Cutters do the heavy lifting. The resulting explosion engulfed the Maulerfiend, spattering it with fluids from the splintered vehicle, and while it took the Boyz a few seconds to get to their feet and get back into formation, thanks to their 'Eavy Armour and resident Painboy, no wounds were suffered. [1 Killpoint]

Battlewagon 1, on the bridge, exploded from Lascannons.
Battlewagon 2, in front of the Maulerfiend, of which it was a victim.

The Slaanesh Possessed ran, leapt and howled in frustration as they were unable to come to grips with Boyz 1, on the bridge.

Orks:     0
Chaos:   4

Turn 2 Orks

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur looked on with amusement, mixed with fury, as a large Shoota Boyz mob emerged from the ruins on his right. They thought they could shoot him down, did they.

'Ard Boyz mobs 1 and 2 both advanced toward the Maulerfiend in thick ranks of Ork bodies. Now there was a challenging fight to be had!

'Ard Boyz 3 waited as their Battlewagon, the only one left, churned its way through the rubble and ruin toward the Hellbrute, they then disembarked and formed up, ready to charge the towering machine.

Grotsnik led his retinue around the remains of his Trukk and pointed at the Nurgle Spawn. His 'Ard Nobz levelled their Sluggas.

The Nobz fired off a volley at the Nurgle Spawn, causing 1 Wound.

Battlewagon 3 fired off another volley of Rokkits at the Maulerfiend, but couldn't even hit, let alone do any damage.

The newly arrived Shoota Boyz unloaded 54 Shootah shots, and another 9 Big Shoota rounds, which was just enough to kill one Chaos Biker of Nurgle.

'Ard Boyz 3 scrambled through the ruins and flung themselves at the Hellbrute, trying to keep it occupied so the Nob could bring it's Power Klaw to bear. One dead ork and a Penetrating Power Klaw hit later, the Hellbrute was immobilized, but actuators to its legs severed and spewing hydraulic fluid and Warp essence everywhere. Eww.

'Ard Boyz 3 pile into the Hellbrute.
The unpainted fugure with the Powerklaw is the Nob.
The other unpainted figure is the Painboy.
 Mad Dok Grotsnik and his retinue plow into the Nurgle Spawn. The Spawn strike first, dealing no damage after armour and Feel No Pain saves! The Ork choppas rise and fall in an unending wave of violence, but that is not enough to overcome the Nurgle Spawn! Papa Nurgle protects! Seeing that their services are needed, both the Dok and the Boss Nob wade into the fray, power klaws snipping and crushing Spawn limbs and spines. The 'Ard Nobz are covered in gore and loving it! [1 Killpoint]

Mad Dok Grotsnik and his 'Ard Nobz retinue wail into the Nurgle Spawn...

...and make short yet bloody work of them.
 'Ard Boyz 1 charged into the Maulerfiend with enough ferocity that they would have had Hammer of Wrath hits if their foe had been of lesser stature, while 'Ard Boyz 2 were a bit more daunted at the prospect of fighting something they had little chance of hurting. Being a newly promoted Character, thanks to the Hellforged Warpack Formation, the Maulerfiend thundered out a Challenge, which was promptly answered by the Nob of 'Ard Boyz 1. " Why yer measly little can of warp powered....*ka-chak* (apparently this is the sound an ork makes when mangled by a Power Fist and then cut in half by a Magma cutter)
The Nob from 'Ard Boyz 2, wisely decided to not let this fight last long enough to be the next victim in a Challenge, promptly drove his Power Klaw deep into the back of the Maulerfiend, through its' Daemon Shield, and ripped the Warp heart from the tainted reliquary at its core, the Maulerfiend erupting in a magnificent detonation, incinerating 3 Boyz from each of 'Ard Boyz 1 and 2. Stunned by the force of the blast, the survivors stumbled around in shock (and because the FAQ says no Consolidate after defeating Vehicles...seems silly when it has a WS). [1 Killpoint]

'Ard Boyz mobs 1 and 2 crash into the Maulerfiend from both sides...

...and after the resulting spectacular explosion, the survivors prepare for incoming fire!

Orks:     2
Chaos:   4

Turn 2 Chaos

Papa Nurgle sees fit to bless Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur with Cosmic Fate (re-roll Armour Saves) and Berzerker (+1 S) this turn, making him quite the buzz-saw in close combat.

Lord Goulstur motioned toward the newly arrived Shoota Boyz, and he and his retinue closed the gap quickly.

The Slaanesh Possessed quickly flanked around 'Ard Boyz 1, climbing up onto the bridge, and then coming at them down the ramp.

The Nurgle Rhino advances, drops its doors, and the Nurgle Marines pile out, ready to lay down some bolter fire.

The Slaanesh Rhino matches the moves of its partner, and the Slaanesh Marines disembark, preparing some firepower of their own.

The Deredeo unloads its full complement at Battlewagon 3 to no effect.

The forgefiend unloads its full complement into Boyz 2, vaporizing 9 Orks.

Slaanesh Marines fire their Meltagun at Battlewagon 3 but can only manage a Glance, not enough to take it down.

The Havocs also target Battlewagon 3, manage to get a Pen, but only Shake it.

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur and his Chaos Bikers unload into the Shoota Boyz, buy on 2 Orks fall to the burst, the rest eagerly await the onset of the speeding Bikes. If they only knew.


Overview of the battlefield at the start of Chaos turn 2.
The Hellbrute, dtermined to smash some Orks, snaps his Powerfist open and closed repeatedly, as he reaches and swings, searching in vain for an Ork Boy to crush. The Ork Nob, on the other hand, shoves a dodging Boy out of the way, and clamps the blades of his Power Klaw to the side of the armoured sarcophagus, and lets the hydraulics do the work, metal screeching and shearing as it gives way, then another explosion shock wave races across the battlefield, sending four shattered 'Ard Boyz fluttering through the air before smacking wetly back to the ground. [Killpoint (Orks)]

'Ard Boyz 3 finish off the Hellbrute just in time to assault some Slaanesh Marines.
The Slaanesh Possessed, charging down the ramp into the back of 'Ard Boyz 1, are confident in the capability to overwhelm this small group of survivors quickly. Being Beasts this turn, they have no problem making their charge. But the Ork ability to pass Fear tests, combined with their durability confounds the Possessed as the combat ends with 2 bodies from each side slumping to the ground. Between 'Eavy Armour and Feel No Pain for the Orks, and Power Armour for the Possessed, both sides find it difficult to hurt the other.
Slaanesh Possessed charge down the bridge into the rear of 'Ard Boyz 1.
Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur leads his remaining Chaos Bikers into the center of the Shoota Boyz firing line, and is disgusted as he hears one of his men start to grunt and then the sound of a Bike tumbling through the ruins takes over as its former rider ragdolls along the street, the Bike ending up a sparking tangle of leaking fluids. In his anger, Mordebas issues a challenge to the Nob he knows is present, but the Nob is too far away to hear his call. So Mordebas decides vengeance for his fallen brother is required, and smashes the nearest 9 Shoota Boyz to pulp, the Black Mace a blur as it smites everything within reach, and then sending out tendrils of black Warp essence searching for more souls, but the few remaining Orks are resilient to this test. The Chaos Bikers kill another 2 Orks, and the Shoota Boyz are left too far away from the Bikes to be able to retaliate, though after both sides Pile In, the make contact again. This was only possible thanks to the Bosspole, which did require the Nob to bop a Shoota on the noggin to restore order, but the Shootas stand their ground.

Nurgle Lord and his Chaos Bikers gun their engines into the Shoota Boyz mob.

Battlefields are not a safe place for vehicles in the 41st century.
Except for Trukks, they seem to always Wreck. Funny.

Orks:     3
Chaos:   4

Turn 3 Orks

'Ard Boyz 2 advance 6" towards the Nurgle Marines.

'Ard Boyz 3 advance 6" through the ruins toward the Slaanesh Marines.

The Nobz and Mad Dok move 5" after 'Ard Boyz 3, and Run a further 6", eager to get stuck in again.

Battlewagon 3 Snap Fires its rokkits at the Forgefiend, which makes for an impressive fireworks show, but not very deadly to the enemy Walker.

'Ard Boyz 3 fires a volly from their Sluggas at the Slaanesh Marines, which makes a lot of noise and leaves the Slaanesh marines snickering, until the Waaagh! erupts from the ruins, indicating an impending charge.

'Ard Boyz 1, passing another Fear test, and the Slaanesh Possessed continue to hack, rip and stab at one another, both refusing to yield as they each kill another two and the combat is drawn again.

'Ard Boyz 2 roar their Waaagh! at the top of their lungs as they plow into the Nurgle Marines, losing one Boy on the way in to a bolter round to the head. The combat itself however, is less than satisfying for both sides. Finding their Plague Knives not very handy against 'Ard Boyz, the Nurgle Marines have problems finding weak spots in the armour, and getting past Feel No Pain, while the Boyz find themselves in a similar situation, having difficulties getting through Power Armour and Feel No Pain. So distraught was the Nob that he failed to snip any of the spikey beakies in half, which only made him more upset.

'Ard Boyz 3, charging out of the ruins, ate a volley of Overwatch from the Slaanesh Marines, who punched two Boyz into the air with their boltguns. But that only angered the rest of the mob. The Slaanesh Aspiring Champion did manage to wound the Nob in their Challenge, but the sheer volume of choppa attacks hewed and hacked and gashed and stomped their way through the rest of the squad and spilled over onto the Champion before the Nob could even swing his Power Klaw, annihilating them in a all too brief orgy of violence, for the Orks liking. The Nob consolidated most of the Boyz back into the ruins, in an attempt the shelter them from the firepower across the street so they could form up for another charge! [Killpoint]

The Shoota Boyz could only look on with envy. Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur readied his Black Mace as he spied the Nob trying to creep his way into the fight. His spit a vile Challenge at the creature, and was surprised as the Nob stepped forward, grunting and pointing in its crude language. 
"Well dun you'se tink yur spec..." Mordebas snapped his mace through the Ork head, spattering those nearby, then gunned his engine and dove into he crowd of Orks, attempting to slaughter his way through the rest of the mob. But the Shootas were quicker than their armoured comrades. Mordebas did kill the Nob, but no other casulaties were suffered on either side, and the Orks, feeling like they could maybe take a Chaos Lord passed their Leadership test.

'Ard Boyz 3 in the ruins, 'Ard Boyz 2 in the street, 'Ard Boyz 1 on the bridge.
Grotsnik and Nobz trying to catcg up to the line.

The Orks a starting to slow down, having lost a lot of pricey Ork bodies.

Orks:     4
Chaos:   4

Turn 3 Chaos

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur was gifted with Warp Frenzy, for +1 Attack, and Mechanoid, for +1 Armour Save. That is quite the murder machine he is turning into.

The Deredeo moves 4" toward Battlewagon 3.

Forgefiend moves 6" to its left, trying for a better Line of Sight to 'Ard Boyz 3 in the ruins.

The Warpsmith follows after the Forgefiend, ready to try to repair it if needed.

Slaanesh Rhino Rams the side of Battlewagon 3, but fails to do any damage.

The Havocs fire off another volley of Lascannons at Battlewagon 3, and succeed in blowing off a track, Immobilizing it.

The Warpsmith fires at it also, but can't hurt the beast from the front.

The Deredeo unloads its full array of weapons into Battlewagon 3 as well, and manages to get just 1 Glance, but it is enough to finally wreck the last Ork vehicle. [Killpoint]

The Forgefiend lets "Ard Boyz 3 have it, killing 3 even though they are sheltering in the ruins.

Slaanesh Possessed and 'Ard Boyz 1 continue to flail away at each other in futility, with no casualties this turn.

Nurgle Marines Aspiring Champion issues a Challenge to the Nob, who accepts with a deep menacing chuckle. The Champion twirls his Plague Knife in his armoured gauntlet, knowing this might be a tough fight. He lunges in, his knife blade skittering over armour plates, and failing to find any bare skin. He tries to leap back out of range, but the Nob's massive hand clamps onto his power armour. Trying to break the grip, the Champion is astonished at the power of the Ork. The Ork plants the Champion, and in a huge haymaker brings his Power Klaw around in a massive arc, scything the Champion in two with a single hit. The rest of the fighters were too busy watching the challenge, and no other wounds were to be had. The Nurgle Marines passed their Leadership, and fought on gamely.

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur hefted his Black Mace as he rode through the remnant of the Shoota Boyz mob, hacking at any bodies he could. Killing five Orks with his Mace, the Orks had had enough and turned to run, but there was no escape this day. He mercilessly rode down those few survivors, and the led his one remaining Biker toward the Slaanesh Possessed on the bridge. Killpoint]

An unsuccessful Ram attempt, and the Chaos firepower trying
 to keep some distance with the ever closing Orks.

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur and his
 remaining Biker head to more carnage.

The forces of Chaos seem to have blunted and stalled the Ork assault.

Orks:     4
Chaos:   6

Turn 4 Orks

The Nobz and Grotsnik move towards the Slaanesh Possessed.

'Ard Boyz 3 move toward the Slaanesh Rhino.


The Nobz try to reach the Slaanesh Possessed, but needed a 12, and failed.

'Ard Boyz 1 and the Slaanesh Possessed continue to flail at each other in futility. Drawn combat.

'Ard Boyz 2 see one of their few remaining members corrupted by a Plague Knife, the life draining from his body in seconds. Having failed to hurt the Nurgle Marines, the Orks decide its time to leg it and manage to Fall Back 6". 

'Ard Boyz 3 assault the Slaanesh Rhino, and Wreck it without the Power Klaw, slightly disappointed there would be no fireworks this time. [Killpoint]

Grotsnik and Nobz try to rescue 'Ard Boyz 1, but the distance is too great.

'Ard Boyz 3 wreck Slaanesh Rhino from the safety of the ruins.

At the base of the bridge, on the other side of the trees, the
 last 2 members of 'Ard Boyz 2 try to make their escape...right
 toward Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur.

Orks:     5
Chaos:   6

Turn 4 Chaos

Papa Nurgle grants Icy Aura to Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur, which bestows additional attacks on all enemy models in base contact at Initiative 1, at S4 AP 5. And also Masochism, which gives Feel No Pain. Two Boons a turn is just brutal!

Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur and his Biker move right at the running Orks from 'Ard Boyz 1, seeing an easy target for his Black Mace.

Bikes rip off a volley at the fleeing Orks befor them, but fail to do any damage as the rounds just bounce off the 'Eavy Armour.

Nurgle Rhino shoots the running Orks for no effect.

The Warpsmith shoots the running Orks for no effect.

The Deredeo and the Forgefiend attempt to batter the Nobz to pieces of manage size with pure firepower, the Deredeo killing 4, and the Forgefiend netting another 2, all Instant Death wounds, despite being in ruins granting a 4+ Cover Save.

Nurgle Marines charge into the fight between 'Ard Boyz 1 and the Slaanesh Possessed. Again, this fight, even with additional bodies was just an exercise in futility. Few attacks on both sides, good armour and Feel No Pain made this a real grind, with neither side able to gain an advantage.

Mordebas barely even slowed doen as he charged at, ran into, and then over the Nob and Painboy from 'Ard Boyz 2. For killing the squad, Mordebas was gifted Adamantium Will as a Boon. He quickly turned his sights to the long futile battle on the bridge. That, he thought, needed to end. [2 Kill Points]

Mordebas, having ridden down 'Ard Boyz 2, eyes up the bridge fight.

Grotsnik on side of the ruins, 'Ard Boys 3 on the other.
Things looking grim for the Orks.

Orks must have been here. Much carnage was had!

Orks:     5
Chaos:   8

Turn 5 Orks

Grotsnik and Nobz move at the Deredeo, trying for a long charge.

Boyz 3 move toward the Forgefiend, since they still have a Power Klaw.


The Nobz and Grotsnik multi-charge the Nurgle Marines and the Deredeo. Grotsnik and the Boss Nob take their Power Klaws over to the Deredeo while the choppa armed Nobz fall on the Nurgle Marines from behind wiping them out in a frenzy of hacking axes. The fury of their assault spills over to the Slaanesh Possessed and they fall as well under the wave of hewing blades.  [2 Killpoints]

'Ard Boyz 3 charge the Foregefiend, running through Overwatch as rounds ripped up the dirt and snapped through the air, but no Orks were hit. The Forgefiend failed to land any serious damage, and the Nob buried his Power Klaw again into another armoured vehicle, but this one did not explode, it was meremy Immobilized.

Down to few bodies, and facing enemies who don't care about
armour, the Orks are trying to stave off complete annihilation.

Orks:     7
Chaos:   8

Turn 5 Chaos

Papa Nurgle, in his infinite wisdom and seeing that Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur had this battle well in hand, gifted Witch Eater and Stubborn to his agent, neither of which would be useful in mopping up the remaining Orks.

Mordebas and his Biker moved at 'Ard Boyz 1 on the bridge.

Mordebas and his Chaos Biker, and the Nurgle Rhino all shoot at 'Ard Boyz 1, but no damage is inflicted at all. 4+ Armour, 4+ Cover and Feel No Pain ensure the few survivors are still standing, awaiting the assault.

Mordebas and his henchman wail into the remnant of 'Ard Boyz 1, suffering no wounds thanks to his god-like abilities at this point. The Black Mace strikes out again and again, crushing and mangling Orks with every blow, feeding on the carnage. The Orks never have a chance to strike back. They are hit by Bikes, maced and ridden over before they can even heft their weapons to defend themselves.
[2 Killpoints]

Deredeo continues to confound Grotsnik and the Boss Nob, turning aside all hits with his force field, though it does not have the ability to deal with Orks in close combat itself.

The Forgefiend again fails to bash a Boy with its guns, but this time the Nob strikes true, and Wrecks the metallic gun platform, yet another column of smoke rising into the sky over 'Ard Boyz 3. [Killpoint (Orks)]

Another Walker falls to 'Ard Boyz 3 Nob. 

Orks:     8
Chaos:   10

Densely clustered columns of smoke are sure to draw more Orks to this fight shortly.

Grotsnik and the Boss Nob continue to pound away at the Deredeo
 to no effect, and see their doom approaching in the form of Nurgle Warlord Mordebas Goulstur

The view of the line that Chaos drew and made their stand, at some cost.

The view of another great game, at its conclusion!

Nurgle sees that now is the time to end the battle, and there are no more turns. The Orks do score Linebreaker [Killpoint] to make the score

Orks:     9
Chaos:   10

Chaos wins!!!


Wow, super close game. Again. I love seeing the Orks smash into enemy armies and then see how far they can push past the initial line of resistance. It's never a sure thing!

This campaign will be told mostly from the point of view of the Chaos side, and the Lords will keep their Boons in subsequent battles, unless they get killed, then back to square one. This one is pretty beefed up already, so I'm sure we will see him again soon!!!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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