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Insurrection Campaign Battle 3

Maelstrom of War: Deadlock

Mission Source: Main Rulebook
Mission: Maelstrom of War: Deadlock
Points: 2000
Armies: Orks / Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus, faithful vassal of Slaanesh, licked her lips in anticipation of the anguish and torment she knew that she and her followers would soon inflict on these upstart Orks. How dare they stand in the way of the ascendancy of the Chaos Gods? Who did they think they were to stand between the exalted warriors of Slaanesh and the Tau settlements that were ripe for the picking? They would be taught a lesson, a most deliciously painful lesson. One that would linger and last, the better to ensure the lesson sunk in, and the Orks came to know their place in the universe.

 Chaos Space Marines - Black Crusade Detachment - Emperor's Children

Chaos Warband

Chaos Lady
Blissgiver, Intoxicating Elixer, Mark of Slaanesh, Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption, Steed of Slaanesh, Warlord

Chaos Bikers
Aspiring Champion - Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs
1 Meltagun Biker, 3 Bikers

Chaos Space Marines
Icon of Excess, Mark of Slaanesh, 
Aspiring Champion - Plasma Pistol, Boltgun, Power Sword, Melta Bombs
Meltagun, Flamer, 7 Chaos Marines

Chaos Space Marines
Icon of Excess, Mark of Slaanesh, 
Aspiring Champion - Plasma Pistol, Boltgun, Power Sword, Melta Bombs
Meltagun, Flamer, 7 Chaos Marines

Chaos Terminators
Terminator Champion w/ Power Maul
2 Terminators w/ Powerfists

Aspiring Champion - Boltgun, CCW
4 Lascannon Havocs

Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess
Possessed Champion, 7 Possessed

Lord of the Black Crusade
Daemon Prince
ML (3), Power Armour, Mark of Slaanesh, Spell Familiar

Chaos Spawn
Mark of Slaanesh
5 Slaanesh Spawn

Orks - Ork Horde Detachment

Warboss - Mega-armour


10 MegaNobz w/ Bosspole

Snikrot, Boss Nob - Bosspole, 14 Kommandos

Boss Nob - Bosspole, 14 Kommandos

'Ard Boyz
Boss Nob - Bosspole, Big Choppa, 29 Boyz, Mob 'Eavy Armour

'Ard Boyz
Boss Nob - Bosspole, Big Choppa, 29 Boyz, Mob 'Eavy Armour

'Ard Boyz
Boss Nob - Bosspole, Big Choppa, 29 Boyz, Mob 'Eavy Armour

Void Shield Generator (3 Shields)

Setup and Deployment

Maelstrom of War - Deadlock (start with 6 Tactical Objectives, goes down by 1 every turn)
Vanguard Deployment.

Slaanesh Warlord Trait: Nexus of Debauchery (Warlord and unit get +1 Feel No Pain)
Ork Warlord Trait: Might Makes Right (Warlord +1 S ) - handy for a S10 Power Klaw

Slaanesh Psychic Powers for Daemon Prince
Sensory Overload
Psychic Shriek

Slaanesh roll on the Combat Drugs table gives +1T to all infantry. That could be a problem for the Orks.

Orks win roll off and choose to deploy and go first.
The Orks leave a 'Ard Boyz mob in Reserve.

Emperor's Children deploy second, leaving Terminators in Reserve.

Emperor's Children fail to Seize the Initiative.

The Ork line, well protected by the VSG. Kommandos have Infiltrated
slightly forward, just over 18" from the enemy line.

Right side of the Emperor's Childrens battle line.

Left side of said battle line.

Turn 1 Orks

Ork Objectives: Harness the Warp, Witch Hunter, Obj 6, Recon, Hold the Line, Supremacy.

The whole Ork line advances, except both Kommando units. They seem a little leery of the Chaos Lady.

The MegaNobz rattle off a storm of dakka at the Daemon Princess, managing to wound her/it once.


Scored Hold the Line, Supremacy. Discarded Harness the Warp

Orks: 2     E.C.: 0

Turn 1 Emperors Children

EC Objectives: Overwhelming Firepower, Obj 3, Obj 2, Domination, Obj 5, Psychological Warfare

Chaos Boons: +1 S, Fleet

Every unit advanced straight at the Orks, with the exception of the Havocs.
Daemon Princess moves onto Obj 3. [Obj 3]
Rhino 1 moves onto Obj 5. [Obj 5]

6 Warp charges total.
Tried to cast Sensory Overload at the MegaNobz, but failed to manifest the power.
Tried to cast Psychic Shriek at the MegaNobz, but they Denied the Witch!
Tried to cast Invisibility on herself, but she/it failed to manifest the power.
Not a very productive Psychic Phase!

Rhino 1 and two marines fired out the hatch at Snikrot and his Kommandos, killing 2.
Rhino 2 and two marines fired out the hatch at Snikrot and his Kommandos, killing 2.
The Bikes fired at Snikrot and his Kommandos but failed to cause any additional casualties.
Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus fired her Plasma pistol at Kommandos 2, killing an Ork.
Havocs tried to shoot the MegaNobz, who were protected by the VSG, but their lascannons couldn't even drop one shield.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Slaanesh Spawn retinue declared a charge on Kommandos 2, but failed to reach them.
The Bikers declared a charge on Snikrot and his remaining Kommandos, but they failed to roll high enough as well.
Both units are sitting high and dry, ripe for an Ork counter assault!

Daemon Princess secures Obj 3 while Slaanesh Possessed watch her back.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Slaanesh Spawn are denied
 the chance to inflict charging carnage on the Orks!
But the Rhino in the background secures Obj 5.

Slaanesh Bikers are eager to hear the thump of Ork bodies
careening off their bikes, but they fail to charge as well.

Scored Obj 3, Obj 5. Discarded Domination.

Orks: 2     E.C.: 2

Turn 2 Orks

Ork Objectives: Obj 2, Obj 5, Obj 6, Witch Hunter, Recon

Reserves: 'Ard Boyz 3 arrives, and walks onto the table close to Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Slaanesh Spawn pets.

Basically everything moves into position to assault something, most notably the MegaNobz and Warboss start chugging toward the Daemon Princess.

'Ard Boyz 1 moved onto Obj 2 to score. [Obj 2, Recon]

'Ard Boyz 1 storms onto Obj 2.

'Ard Boyz 1 managed to kill one Slaanesh Possessed with a volley of Slugga fire.
The Warboss and MegaNobz stripped another wound off the Daemon Princess.
Snikrot and his Kommandos failed to wound the Bikers.
Kommandos 2 failed to wound the Slaanesh Spawn.
'Ard Boyz 3 doled out 4 wounds to the Slaanesh Spawn, finally dropping one of the beasts.

'Ard Boyz 1 attempted to assault the Possessed, but failed to roll high enough.

The MegaNobz successfully assaulted the Daemon Princess. She duly issued the required Challenge, and the Boss Nob stepped up to prove his worth. The Boss Nob proved a dodgey git to kill, because she had a hard time even hitting him, though she did manage to kill him before he could even rev up his Power Klaw. And in return she was completely eviscerated by the remaining 9 MegaNobz and their Power Klaws. [First Blood, Witch Hunter]

MegaNobz eye up the Daemon Princess...

...charge in, watch as their Boss Nob gets absolutely annihilated...

...then then take great delight in snipping the creature
 into bits, and stomping those bits into paste.

Snikrot and Kommandos 1 charged into the Slaanesh Bikers, losing one Ork on the way in to Overwatch fire. The Biker Aspiring Champion issued his Challenge, the Boss Nob accepted and the started to circle each other, neither apparently ready to land a blow this turn. The Bikers killed 3 Kommandos, Snikrot killed one Biker in return and the rest of the Kommandos hacked futilely at the Bikers. T6 3+ Armour 4+ FnP is a pretty resilient combo.

Snikrot and his remaining Kommandos charge into the Slaanesh Bikers,
who are not amused at the Orks impertinence.

Kommandos 2 successfully assaulted Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Slaanesh Spawn retinue, taking no casualties from Overwatch. Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus issued her Challenge, but the Boss Nob was too far away to accept, so she was content to butcher her way through the Mob until she could get close to him, killing 4 Orks. The Slaanesh Spawn took their lead from their Lady, and killed another 4 Orks. The Boss Nob lashed out with his Choppa, cleaving deep into a Spawn for 2 wounds and the remaining Kommandos jumped on the wounded beast and finished it off. Having suffered rather appalling loses, the Orks turn to flee, and succeed in disengaging, falling back 9".

Kommandos 2 readies itself to charge into Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus
 and her Saalesh Spawn, only to be butchered and flee
before the Lady's carnage!

Scored Obj 2, Witch Hunter, Recon, First Blood

Orks: 6     E.C.: 2

Turn 2 Emperor's Children

Slaanesh Objectives: Obj 2, Overwhelming Firepower, Psychological Warfare, Hungry for Glory

Chaos Boons: +1 S, Fleet, Shred

Reserves: Chaos Terminators Deep Strike beside 'Ard Boyz 1.

Possessed move toward 'Ard Boyz 1.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Spawn sweep behind both Kommando units and prepare to assault into 'Ard Boyz 2.

Slaanesh Marines 1 disembarks from Rhino 1 and prepares to unleash bolter fire on 'Ard Boyz 3.

Havocs fire lascannons at MegaNobz, killing one via Instant Death.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus fires her Plasma Pistol at 'Ard Boyz 2, but the Boyz Feel No Pain.

Slaanesh Marines unload at 'Ard Boyz 3, but only manage to get 3 wounds past the 4+ armour.

Firing from their platform, the Slaanesh Marines are surprised at
 the 'Ard Boyz durability. And a little worried by their proximity.

Slaanesh Possessed charge into 'Ard Boyz 1, taking no damage from Overwatch. No Challenge is possible due to the distance between the characters. The Possessed flail away at the armour of the boyz, killing 7, while the boyz are only able to hack down 1 Possessed in retaliation. The Boss Nob and his Bosspole keep the Boyz in the fight, without any further casualties!

Chaos Terminators watch while Slaanesh
 Possessed put the hurt on 'Ard Boyz 1

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus and her Slaanesh Spawn hurl themselves into 'Ard Boyz 2, the Spawn suffering two wounds from slugga fire on the way in. The Lady, with 11 attacks, only manages to kill 4 boyz, the Spawn add another 2 bodies to the tally. The Orks strike back, but the Nob can't land a blow with his Big Choppa, but the Boyz dole out 6 wounds, dropping 2 more Spawn.

Hitting 'Ard Boyz 2 in the flank, the Lady begins
 butchering her way through the mob.

The Biker Aspiring Champion issues his Challenge, the Nob steps up, neatly evades the attacks of the Champion, hacks his Big Choppa into the Champion twice, nearly splitting him two, then kicking his corpse off his bike. Blood for the Blood God!! Wait, that's not right...By the Power of Gork! or maybe Mork! That's better. The Chaos Bikers drive over two Boyz, spinning their tires and slinging Orkoid goo in a fine arc. The Kommandos fail to land any telling blows, but Snikrot sinks his knives into 2 Bikers, and dumps their bodies unceremoniously to the dirt as well. The Bikers being Fearless don't care they lost the combat, and the fight continues.

Losing their Aspiring Champion, the Bikers are
determined to make an end of Snikrot.

Scored nothing. Dicarded 

Orks: 6     E.C.: 2

Turn 3 Orks

Ork Objectives: Obj 5, Obj 6, Behind Enemy Lines, No Prisoners

The survivors of Kommandos 2 fail to Regroup, and flee off the board.

The Warboss separated from the MegaNobz, moving to the base of the building the Havocs were perched in.

MegaNobz move to multi-assault Rhino 2 and the Slaanesh Possessed fighting 'Ard Boyz 1.

'Ard Boyz 3 move into point blank range and level their Sluggas at Slaanesh Marines 1.

'Ard Boyz 3 rattle off a volley of slugga fire. It makes a lot of noise, spews a lot of smoke, and kills noone.

'Ard Boyz 3 charge into Slaanesh Marines 1, standing on their platform. Overwatch snatches one Ork off his feet, the Characters a re too far apart for a Challenge, and the Slaanesh Marines kill 2 more before the Orks even know whats happening. The Orks on the charge only manage to kill one Slaanesh Marine. That is not a good portent of the upcoming fight, but the Bosspole and the might of the Nob keep the Boyz fighting.

Slaanesh Marines get charged by a full strength Ork Mob and
take no casualties. T5 3+ Armour, FnP AND holding the high ground...

The Chaos Bikers kill one Kommando, while Snikrot, the Nob and the remaining Kommandos fail to even wound a Biker, let alone kill one. T6 3+ armour, 4+ Feel No Pain makes for sad Orks.

Two Bikers vs Snikrot, Nob and two Kommandos on the right, and
Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus butchering 'Ard Boyz 2 on her own.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus Challenged the Nob in 'Ard Boyz 2, but he knew his Bosspole would be needed, so he declined to accept, and stepped back as the Boyz hurled themselves at the Lady of Chaos. Blissgiver was a whirlwind of destruction around her, destroying 8 Orks in an orgy of death dealing. The Orks were a little taken aback, and did not land any wounding blows on her, but they were game for the fight, rolling Heroic Leadership (2) to hold.

As the Warboss started climbing up through the shattered church, he attracted the attention of the Havocs, who quickly put two lascannon shots into him, but it was not enough to stop the Beast. Angered and in pain, he successfully charged into the top of the ruin, the five Havocs pummeling him with their combat knives, lascannon barrels and bolters. As the Warboss straightened to his full height in an explosion of belching smoke and squealing gears, the Havocs knew their demise was imminent. The Aspiring Champion could not issue a Challenge as he was too far away.The Warboss gashed three Havocs with a long scything swing of his Power Klaw, gutting the strength from the unit. Being Fearless, they weren't going to run, and the Warboss chuckled to himself merrily to be slaughtering hapless enemies.

The MegaNobz, minus their Boss Nob, having been gutted the by the Daemon Princess, assaulted into the back of the Slaanesh Possessed, with an eye on their next target, the Chaos Terminators standing nearby. The Possessed Champion issued a Challenge with the Painboy being the only Character available to accept, and he stepped back, waving his hands and pretending to tend to one of the MegaNobz as he strode by. The Possessed focused their attacks on 'Ard Boyz 1, killing 5. The Boyz were unable to hurt the well protected Possessed. The 3 MegaNobz attacking Rhino 2 made short work of it, exploding it in a 4" radius, but it failed to hurt either unit. [No Prisoners] The 5 other MegaNobz, with their S9 Power Klaws, only managed to kill ONE Slaanesh Possessed. 'Ard Boyz 1 passed their Leadership, but the MegaNobz failed, didn't have a Bosspole anymore, and fled 11".

MegaNobz flee to the safety of their Void Shield Generator
 after getting schooled by Slaanesh Possessed.

Scored No Prisoners

Orks: 7     E.C.: 2

Turn 3 Emperor's Children

Objectives: Hungry for Glory, Psychological Warfare, Without Peer

Chaos Boons: Adamantium Will

Chaos Terminators moved to assault 'Ard Boyz 1.

Slaanesh Marines 2 moved onto Obj 2. [Obj 2]

Slaanesh Marines 2 fired a volley of bolter fire at the MegaNobz, causing 1 wound.

The fleeing MegaNobz suffer a wound from bolters in addition
 to getting spanked by Possessed in close combat.

Chaos Terminators assaulted into 'Ard Boyz 1. The Terminator Aspiring Champion issued his Challenge, and the Nob saw a fancy helmet to add to his collection, so he accepted. The Champion and Nob traded ineffective attacks. The Possessed killed another 4 Boyz. In response, with 32 attacks, the Boyz killed...nothing. The Power Fist Terminators also managed to hit nothing.

Terminator Aspiring Champion with Power Maul vs Nob with 'Eavy Armour...draw. 

The Havoc Aspiring Champion relutantly issued his Challenge, the words barely out of his mouth before he was gutted by the Warlord, who killed the last Havoc for good measure and Consolidated 2".

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus again called out a Challenge to the Boss Nob, who again shook his head, and waved his Boyz forward into the Blissgiver meatgrinder. The Boyz managed to sink a choppa into her this time, but they still lost the combat, and it took the Nob killing one of the Boyz to keep them around this time.

The Chaos Lady slaughtering her way through 'Ard Boyz 2, and
the lone Biker still warding off Shred hits from Snikrot.

The Bikers failed to kill any Kommandos, Snikrot kills 1 Biker, the Nob and Boyz failt to do anything useful, and the Fearless Biker is still happy to stay.

Slaanesh Marines 1 Aspiring Champion issues his Challenge, and the Nob steps up,eyeing his opponent. The Champion lands a savage power sword strike, but the Nob strikes back with his Big Choppa, shearing deep into the Power Armour, then raising his bloody Big Choppa in victory!
The Slaanesh Marines fail to kill any more of the Boyz, while the Orks manage to kill two more Slaanesh Marines. But, being Fearless, they don't run.

Slaanesh Marines 1, still defending their platform.

Scored Obj 2, Hungry for Glory (1)

Orks: 7     E.C.: 4

Turn 4 Orks

Objectives: Obj 5, Behind Enemy Lines, Assassinate

Regroup: MegaNobz fail to Regroup, fall back again, almost to board edge.

Move: Warboss descends the church ruins.

Shooting: MegaNobz fire at Slaanesh marines 2, but can't hurt them with their Shootas.

The Terminator Champion misses the Nob again, and the Nob misses the Champion. The Possessed kill one Boy, the Boyz fail to kill any Possessed, and the Terminators kill another Ork. The Orks fail their Ld, but the Bosspole keeps them in the fight, at the cost of one more dead Ork.

Terminators and Possessed can't hit Orks, and Choppas can't get past 3+/4+FnP.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus kills another 8 Boyz while the Orks are completely unable to harm her, but they still don't run, passing their Ld check.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus almost finished with this Mob.

The Kommandos are finally able to drag down the last Chaos Biker, freeing themselves from a long and gruelling fight.

'Ard Boyz 3 and Slaanesh Marines 1 futilely hack away at each other, causing no damage and so the combat continues.

Another futile fight, dragging on and on with no casualties.

Scored none. Discarded Assassinate.

Orks: 7     E.C.: 4

Turn 4 Emperor's Children

Objectives: Obj 1, Big Game Hunter, Without Peer.

Chaos Boons: Unworthy

Slaanesh Marines 2 moves at the Warboss.

Slaanesh Marines 2 fires a volley at the Warboss, and he drops from a searing Plasma Pistol shot, his armour smoking from the melted metal.

The Terminator Champion misses, the Possessed kill 2 Orks, the Nob misses the Champion, the Boyz fail to wound anything and finally the Terminators Powerfist two more Orks, but again the Bosspole keeps them in the fight at the cost of yet one more 'Ard Boy.

Possessed and Terminators slowly dealing with 'Ard Boyz 1.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus finally manages to finish off the last of 'Ard Boyz 2 and looks around for a new target for Bissgiver. Snikrot and his friends look like a good target, so she Consolidates in their direction.

Snikrot and his Kommandos finally finish off the Bikers, just before
Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus finsihes off 'Ard Boyz 2. Snikrot is not liking his odds.

Slaanesh Marines 1 fail to hurt any Orks, but the Boyz kill 3 of them, but being Fearless keeps them in the fight, though they are starting to feel a little outnumbered.

Scored Obj 1. Discarded Big Game Hunter.

Orks: 7     E.C.: 5

Turn 5 Orks

Objectives: Obj 5, Behind Enemy Lines

Regroup: MegaNobz fail to Regroup, and flee off the table. Yep, all 405 points of them. Never, ever, ever detach the Warboss. Ever.

That's where 405 points of MegaNobz used to be. Yep, right there.

Not liking his chances taking on Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus, Snikrot leads his few remaining Kommandos to take out Rhino 2, which keeps claiming Obj 5.


Snikrot and his band charge into the Rhino, and succeed in Wrecking it. [Obj 5] Looking over his shoulder however, Snikrot sees Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus coming for them.

The Terminator Champion finally kills the Nob in their Challenge, and the Possessed wipe out the last Boy, leaving them in control of the Obj, not that it is currently a target.

Scored Obj 5.

Orks: 8     E.C.: 5

Turn 5 Emperor's Children

Objectives: Obj 5, Without Peer

Chaos Boons: Unworthy

Slaanesh Possessed move to try to get Linebreaker, which they do. [Linebreaker]

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus moves toward Snikrot and friends, currently on Obj 5.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus kills one Kommando with her Plasma Pistol.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus weaves through a very meager Overwatch, issues her Challenge, which is accepted by the Nob. She starts the killing there, but Blissgiver is all warmed up now, and she buzz-saws her way through the whole Mob, Snikrot included, before any of them can swing, leaving her in control of Obj 5, covered in Ork gore. [Obj 5]

Slaanesh Marines 1 fail to wound any of 'Ard Boyz 3, and the Boyz finally finish off the Marines, and ready themselves to try to drown Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus in a wave of choppas.

Chaos Lady Malda Bastiinus on Obj 5, facing yet another mob of 'Ard Boyz.

Scored Obj 5.

Orks: 8     E.C.: 7

And there are no more turns! The game ends with the Orks winning by Victory points, but they are in the process of being tabled, if only Chaos had another turn.


Another close game in points, yet toward the end, it didn't feel close at all. Without the hitting power of the MegaNobz, the 'Ard Boyz mobs couldn't fight clear on their own. Losing a huge hammer unit hurts a lot. never detach the Warboss!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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