Monday, 21 May 2018

May already?

Another few months with no blog updates. To tell you the truth, I've been focused more on painting lately, than playing.

I have actually been getting games in. And while they have been fun, for the most part (which is mainly a reflection of the small group of friends I play with), they haven't been good battle report games.

I usually get one game in a month. Adulting can suck, but it is what it is. So, since January, I've played 5 games. Not one of those was a good battle report game.

January game I played Horde Orks vs Hereticus Astartes. A rather large portion of my army was unpainted, though my opponent's was painted rather well. The game actually went to turn 5 and I had hope for 8th ed. Mainly the pictures weren't good enough for a battle report, though I did make some rules mistakes, not that it helped me. I lost in a close and fun game.

February I tried my Tau against Hereticus Astartes. Thanks to the warp, I got Seized. Not that it mattered in the end. Game was called before Turn 3 as the Tau had rather quickly obliterated the heretics. Fun game due to my opponent, but a horrible battle report. One sided and dull to read. And again, most of my Tau are based red, but unpainted. See the theme? I'm working on rectifying the lack of painted minis.

For my March game, I had a friend help me play a simulation style game, where the choices we made were what we thought would happen in a book, between my Space Marines and his Eldar. I probably could have done a decent battle report on that one, but I didn't take notes or pictures, and rather just enjoyed the game.

In April I tried my all Terminator army, again vs Hereticus Astartes, but this time with a Kytan. This one was unacceptable for a battle report partly because it was really over turn 2, and partly because I forgot that Thunder Hammers hit on 4+, in Turn 1, which meant a dead Kytan by the end of turn 2. So, no battle report there either. Techically, I was way ahead on points (Maelstrom game) but with that rule gaff, that's a DQ.

And finally this month, May, I finally got a game in on my friend's almost completed table that he has been working on for about ...TWO WHOLE YEARS. Yeah, adulting sure can suck. Anyway, I took my Orks, and my artillery is all still unpainted. We played the Patrol narrative mission, and I deployed so bad that my mobs of Boyz never made combat in 5 turns. It was like a non-game, really. Which I lost. At least it went 5 turns.

So, that's where I am at. Painting more, and enjoying it for the most part. Working on building a light box, to take better pictures of the minis I am painting. I am not a master painter, by any stretch. Regular guy with not much time to hobby trying to get paint on things.

Hopefully, next month, I'll have something with pictures to post.

Until then, happy gaming!

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