Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Random Objective Placement is Bad - This game is why

Orks vs Black Legion

Mission Source: Chapter Approved 2017
Mission: Maelstrom of War [3 Tactical Objectives]
Points: 2000
Armies: Orks [Goffs] / Chaos [Black Legion]

Big Mek Rustnutz has gathered up all things Mek related and gone in search of glory and more skrap metal. What he finds is Abaddon and his Black Crusade!

Army Lists

Orks - Goffs - Spearhead

Big Mek, Mega Armour, Kustom Mega Blasta, Kustom Force Field
Big Mek, Mega Armour, Kustom Mega Blasta, Kustom Force Field
5 Smasha Kannons
5 Smasha Kannons
3 Deff Dreads
6 Killa Kans
Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner
Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner

Chaos Marines - Black Legion - Battalion

40 Cultists
5 Chaos Marines
5 Chaos Marines
Sonic Dreadnought (I think)

Black Legion - Spearhead

Havocs w/ Heavy Bolters
Havocs w/ Autocannons
Havocs w/ Lascannons

Lord of War
Kytan Daemon Engine


Warlord Traits
     Orks - Proper Killy (Goff Trait) - _1 A, +1 AP in close combat
     Chaos - Abaddon's Trait - Re-roll failed To Hit rolls

Psyker Powers
     Chaos - lots, but can't remember the power names

     Hammer and Anvil

Chaos Deployment

The Chaos battle line. Orks are to the right.

Ork Deployment

All those artillery models are the same thing...Smasha Kannons.

The important bit about the objectives was there were 6 of them on the table, randomly placed before we selected deployment zones. I was able to deploy my Orks on 3 of the Objectives, giving me 3 points a turn, plus whatever I could achieve through Tactical Objectives. My opponent was able to deploy on two objectives. 


My opponent had an uphill fight, regardless of how the actual game played out. One additional point per turn is basically 5 free points, just because I got to choose my deployment type AND which zone I wanted. 


Objectives need to be placed symmetrically, and evenly spaced. That's the only way to ensure an even battle. You know, where playing the game actually matters.

Enough ranting...on to the game.

I was not prepared to face the Kytan with this list, though I had the firepower to do so. I still have not figured out an answer to the cultist bomb. Ignoring it seems to kinda work, since it can only claim one objective. 

Turn 1 

The 2 Chaos Marine squads, Cultists and Kytan all moved forward. 
Shooting saw the yellow Gorkonaut reduced to 2 or 3 Wounds remaining.

The horde starts to move forward.
The Kytan is to the right of this pic.
Killa Kans advanced toward the center objective.

Every Smasha Kannon that could, fired at the Kytan, reducing it to 2 Wounds.

Two Deff Dreads managed to assault the Kytan, the first one failed to kill the Kytan, the Kytan interrupted combat, swung and killed the dread that had not attacked yet, damaged the other one. The Dread exploded, killing the Kytan and the damaged Deff Dread. Yep, complete carnage.

The green Gorkonaut assaulted and wiped out the 5 man chaos marines in the church.

Killa Kans move up on the right, green Gorkonaut and Dreads
move up on the left (Ork perspective)

Turn 2


The cultist blob continued to advance toward the center objective.

The Havocs wrecked 3 of 6 Killa Kans, but couldn't quite finish off the yellow Gorkonaut.

Green Gorkonaut is in the church
on the right. Havocs are dominating
the left flank.

The three remaining Killa Kans shoot, assault and wipe out the 5 chaos marines at the central objective.

Killa Kans stomping in...

Foes butchered! Objective secured!
For the moment. Are those cultists?

Green Gorkonaut shoots up the Lascannon Havocs, then charges into Abaddon, leaving him with ONE wound remaining. So close.

More than double the points...but still not good enough to kill
Abaddon in one phase. 

Smasha Kannons doled out damage to whatever Havoc squads or the Sonic Dread, whatever they could see, but red shirts took most of the damage.

Turn 3


Cultists shot at and then assaulted the Killa Kans, with some Psychic support.

Buffed cultists take on the Killa Kans...
Abaddon quickly dispatches the green Gorkonaut.

The Havocs tried to engage the Smasha Kannons where possible, the Killa Kans to help out the Cultists, and finally took down the yellow Gorkonaut.


Smasha Kannons finished off the Sonic Dread and hurt some more Havocs, but I suddenly found myself with no momentum. All my forward units were destroyed.


At this point, we counted up our victory points, and the Orks were in front by a fair margin. Like 17-12. We both tried to figure out if there was a way for Chaos to catch up, including seeing what Tactical Objectives they drew, but they didn't really help.

I was in a position to gain 3 points per turn, minimum, and he was only gaining 2. So we called it there. A win for the green ones!

Ork victory!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy gaming!

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