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Orks vs Nurgle 1750 points

Green on Green action!

Mission Source: Chapter Approved 2017
Mission: Supply Drop
Points: 1750
Armies: Orks : Goffs / Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons

First off, this was one of the most fun games I've played of 40K in recent months. In fact, I was so into the game, I stopped taking pictures after deployment, until turn 4. The game was super close, with multiple combats being decided by 1 wound! Either causing just enough wounds to kill something, or by just failing to kill something by one wound. How awesome is that? 

Many laughs were had, some Highland Park Viking Scars Scotch may have been involved, and there was carnage. On we go!

Army Lists

Ork Brigade 1750 Points 15 CP

HQ     Ghazzie (Warlord)
HQ     Boss Zagstruk
HQ     Weirdboy
No Slot     Runtherder w/ Squig

T      30 Gretchin
T      30 Slugga Boyz inc Nob with Klaw
T      30 Slugga Boyz inc Nob with Klaw
T      30 Slugga Boyz inc Nob with Klaw
T      10 Slugga Boyz
T      10 Slugga Boyz

EL     Mek
EL     Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner
EL     Painboy

FA     5 Stormboyz
FA     5 Stormboyz
FA     5 Stormboyz

HS     Tractor Kannon
HS     Tractor Kannon
HS     Tractor Kannon

Death Guard / Nurgle
Death Guard Outrider

HQ     Winged Daemon Prince

FA     Foetid Bloat Drone w/ Plaguespitters
FA     Foetid Bloat Drone w/ Plaguespitters
FA     Foetid Bloat Drone w/ Fleshmower

Plagueburst Crawler w/ Plaguespitters

Nurgle Daemons Battalion

HQ     Epidemius (Warlord)
HQ     Great Unclean One w/ Bilesword and Plague Flail
HQ     Spoilpox Scrivener

T      3 Nurglings
T      3 Nurglings
T      30 Plaguebearers

FA     3 Plague Drones


Warlord Traits
Ghazzie: Proper Killy
Epidemius: Can't remember, but it's a set one, I think

Psyker Powers

Weirdboy: Da Jump, Smite
Nurgle: -1 To Hit, and Blades of Putrifaction?, Smite

Interesting notes

My opponent seemed a little worried about my numbers. I was a little worried about the Great Unclean One, and army wide 5+/5++. 

The mission allowed me to pick the deployment type and one of the zones. Handy, that. I chose Hammer and Anvil to remove the speed advantage the Flying Nurgle things had.


Hammer and Anvil. I chose the end with a multi-story building to put my Tractor Kannons in, giving them a rather dominating field of fire.

Left side of Nurgle line.

Right side of Nurgle line.

All the Orks, except 10 Slugga to the right of the
 building, and the Stormboyz in Reserve.

Seize the Initiative
Orks won the roll off, even though Nurgle finished deploying first, and so gained a +1 to their roll. Nurgle failed to Seize and we were off!

Turn 1 - Orks

I successfully Da Jump a mobbed up Skarboyz unit of 40 9" away from the Bloat Drones, and then failed to make my charge.

Kannons failed to do any damage to the GUO.

Turn 1 - Nurgle

The Bloat Drones and Plague Drones all moved right into flamer range of the 40 strong Skarboyz unit, and nuked it down to 3 Boyz (after Ghazzie killed 2 to make them stay). Ouch.

There used to be a line of Orks about 6" in front of those unpainted Grots.
Multiple flamers and a Fleshmower make short work of large units.

Turn 2 - Orks

I charged 30 Skarboyz into the Winged Daemon Prince, 1 Bloat Drone and the Plague Drones, which diluted my striking power far too much. The Orks killed nothing, but damaged a lot.

The further Skarboyz unit charged into the Bloat Drone with Fleshmower, but I could only get about 17 boyz into the fight, so they didn't do well either, but did knock off some wounds.

The Kannons fired at a Bloat Drone, doing a SINGLE wound. That's some terrifying firepower from 180 points of auto-hitting weapons, huh?

Turn 2 - Nurgle

The GUO moved up and fired his flail into one mob of Boyz. That thing hurts, since the extra wounds are not lost, and it's a D2 weapon.

The Drones all left combat, to shoot and charge in again, taking one mob down to a single boy.

Turn 3 - Orks

Tried to Smite a Drone, got Denied! Interesting situation here. If that Smite had succeded, it would have killed the Bloat Drone which was engaged with a large mob of Skarboyz, which would have freed them from combat and enabled them to have a clean shot at the GUO, and the unit was big enough it could have taken him down on the charge. But no. Denied. Games hinge on one roll sometimes, and you don't know what that roll is/was until after the game.

So, that unit of boyz got minced by the Drone w/ Fleshmower again, and became a much smaller unit of Skarboyz.

More wounds inflicted on the Drones, but really having a tough go getting through 5+/5++. Boyz did finally down the Fleshmower and Consolidate into the GUO, which let him attack this turn, and that REALLY hurt.

Also brought in my 3 units of 5 Stormboyz and Zagstruk into the Nurgle backfield, to try to wrest control of his home objective. Failed two of my four charges so only Zagstruk and 5 Stormboyz made it into assault on the far left, while I recycled a unit of 30 Skarboyz onto the table edge 9" from the far right of the Plague-bearers and charged them. Math said I should have reduced them combat ineficiency, but 5+/5++ said nope, not today and the grind was on.

Turn 3 - Nurgle

The GUO stood his ground and continued slaughtering Skarboyz.

The Plaguebearers did a fair job of killing off the 5 Stormboyz in combat, and wounded Zagstruk twice.

3 Nurglings killed another 5 Stormboyz.

Turn 4 - Orks

I charged Ghazzie, the Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner and the Painboy at the GUO, as well as the rest of the Skarboyz already in combat with him. Got him down to ONE wound. Damn. So close. 

Zagstruk left combat with the Plaguebearers to assault Epidemius, whose Tally was making things even rougher for the Orks, and he got him down to ONE wound, and then get killed for his efforts.

The Skarboyz and Plaguebearers traded damage again.

The GUO killed Ghazzie rather easily. For his points, Ghazzie definitely under-produced.

Throwing in the last of my reserves. GUO is left with
 ONE wound, and starts healing.


We did play out the rest of the game to the end of turn 5, but here's the highlights. 

Ork grots prevented the Plagueburst Crawler from contesting the Ork Objective.

Zagstrukk and his Stormboyz failed to contest the Nurgle objective. 

Neither side had Behind Enemy Lines.

Nurgle had Slay the Warlord.

Nurgle victory by 1 point!

As I mentioned previously, so many things hinged on a single wound not being inflicted at various points throughout this game. It was an absolute blast of a game, the kind that I wish every game could be. 

Until next time, happy gaming!

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