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Orks vs Death Guard 1750

Great Unclean One out. Mortarion tags in.

Same Orks Goff list as last game. Different Death Guard/Nurgle list.

Orks Brigade

HQ     Ghazzie (Warlord)
HQ     Boss Zagstrukk
HQ     Weirdboy (Warpath)
No Slot     Runtherder

EL     Mek
EL     Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner
EL     Painboy

T     29 Skarboyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw
T     29 Skarboyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw 
T     29 Skarboyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw
T     10 Skarboyz
T     10 Skarboyz
T     30 Gretchin

FA     5 Stormboyz
FA     5 Stormboyz
FA     5 Stormboyz

HS     Tractor Kannon
HS     Tractor Kannon
HS     Tractor Kannon

Death Guard

Auxiliary Super Heavy

LoW     Mortarion Blades of Putrefaction, Miasma of Pestilence, Curse of the Leper


HQ     Daemon Prince of Nurgle, 2 Malefic Claws, Plague Wind, Warlord
HQ     Typhus, Putrescent Vitality, Gift of Contagion

EL     3 Deathshroud Terminators

T      10 Poxwalkers
T      5 Plague Marines
T      5 Plague Marines
T      6 Plague Marines

FA     3 Myphytic Blight Haulers

Huh. Since Mortarion is literally twice the points of Ghazzie, I don't think my list has an answer for that particular problem. Interesting.

Deployment, Warlord Traits

We played an Eternal War mission, from the 2017 Chapter Approved book.
Dominate and Destroy. 1750 Points. You score points by claiming the Obj at the end of your turn, and for killing enemy units.

We placed 6 Objectives, Orks got to pick deployment type and choose a deployment zone.

Ork deployment. Pic taken after DG first turn.

Death Guard deployed between the buildings in a very tight brick. Mortarion on one flank, the DP on the other, behind the buildings. You'll see their deployment shortly.

Ghazzie Warlord Trait: Proper Killy
Daemon Prince Warlord Trait: Revoltingly Resilient

Turn 1

Death Guard

DG won the roll off and chose to go first. The Poxwalkers advanced toward the central objective, and the Prince flew off toward the objective on the DG far left flank.

DP moving left toward Obj in ruins.
Pox Walkers claim central Obj.
In the above pic, the objectives are;
1. Center of the table
2. In the ruins on the far left
3. Between the trees and the left building (between both armies)
4. Between the trees and the right building (between both armies)
5. Under the Myphitic Blight Haulers
6. In the midst of the Ork Horde.
There was also some Psychic buffing and a couple Ork casualties from shooting (like 1 or 2).

Alternate view.

Tentatively capturing the center point.


DG:     2
Orks    0


The two 10 man mobs advanced toward the far right hand objective.

Everything else basically committed to owning the center of the table.

Apparently, I forgot to take a picture at this point. 

The three Tractor Kannons fired at Myphitic Blight Haulers, doing no damage.

The Orks did have one unit that was in range to try to charge the Pox Walkers, but they failed to roll a 9. Yep, even with the re-roll.


DG:     2
Orks    1

Turn 2

Death Guard

Mortarion jumped over the building, the Deathshroud Termies Teleported in, and the DP landed on the Obj in the ruins.

Psychic powers were cast.

Plague Marines tried to bolter a Skarboyz mob, but Grot Shields was mostly successful in saving them, at the cost of the grot mob, and the Runt Herder.

Mortarion and the Deathshroud Termies both made their 9" charge rolls (without re-rolls, see where this is going?). Mortarion butchered more than half a mob of Skarboyz, but the casualties were all taken from the front, so the Deathshrouds didn't get to attack.

DP w/ Suppurating Plate eyeing a mob of 30 Skarboyz. 

Mortarion kills 16 Skarboyz single handedly.

The Orks pass their Morale automatically by being within 6" of another 30  Skarboyz.


DG:     6
Orks:   1


In the above picture, the Brown mob on the left advances onto that Obj and aims at the closest unit of Plague Marines.

The blue mob comes around the left of the building aiming at the Pox Walkers.

The center of the table is about to get messy.

The two 10 strong mobs on the far right run onto that Obj.

The Weirdboy hangs back to secure the rear Obj.

Boss Zagstrukk and his 15 Stormboyz drop in position to assault the Deathshrouds.

Ghazzie advances around the building, sees Mortarion and figures his head would look good on his trophy rack. He is followed by his loyal Nob with Waaagh Banner and Painboy.

That will make a fine addition to
my trophy rack.

The red mob is removed from the field, and brought back on behind the Blight Haulers.

The Tractor Kannons shoot Mortarion doing no damge. AGAIN!

Only Zagstrukk and 5 Stormboyz successfully assault the Deathshrouds.

The Brown mob successfully assaults the Plague Marines.

The Blue mob successfully assaults the Pox Walkers.

The Red mob successfully assaults the blight Haulers.

Ghazzie successfully assaults Mortarion.

Many assaults, and they mostly die.
Except Mortarion. Damn.

At the start of the Fight phase, some Orks die cuz Mortarion.

An aside is required here.

Ghazzie gets 7 attacks when he charges, and they explode on 6's.

His Klaw hits on 2+, S12 AP-3 D3. I did not think this was enough to kill Mortarion.

I had a Strat to get up from the dead when Mortarion killed him, and immediately fight again, and I had a Strat to let him fight AGAIN, for a third time. This, I thought, WOULD be enough. I did not reckon on Deathshroud Terminators.

Back to the action.

Ghazzie inflicted 4 wounds on his first round of attacks, Mortarion saved 3 of them, so he took 3 damage.

The Red mob killed one Blight Hauler.

The Brown mob wiped the 6 man Plague Marine squad.

The Blue mob wiped the Pox Walkers.

The Deathshrouds killed Zagstrukk and his 5 Stormboyz.

Mortarion struck back at Ghazzie, leaving him with a single wound. Literally the worst possible outcome for me. He didn't die, I can't raise him, so I missed out on a series of attacks.

Ghazzie attacked a second time, inflicted 11 hits, 9 wounds, 8 of which were successfully intercepted by the Deathshrouds, who got wiped. Mortarion took no other damage. Yep, that's game right there. But we played on.


DG:     6
Orks:   7

Turn 3

Death Guard

Typhus moves into position to assault the blue mob.

The remaining unit of Plague Marines follows him.

The DP flies into position to assault the rear of the Brown mob, and end up on the obj near the building.

Mortarion Falls Back and jumps over the building and prepares to fire his lantern.

Psychic powers are cast, some Orks die, including the Weirdboy.

Plague Marines kill Ghazzie with bolters. Ignominious way to go.

By careful positioning Mortarion's lantern kills the Painboy, the Waaagh Banner Nob and a boy from the Blue mob.

Typhus and the Plague Marines whittle the Blue mob, but the hang in there.

A few boyz from the brown mob take them out of assault reach of the DP, so he chills on the Obj.

With dwindling resources and lacking support, the
remaining boyz call it a day and leg it.


DG:     12
Orks:    7


We figured the Orks could only score 3 points this turn, and then it was going to get worse. Since I had no way to catch up, I tapped. I thought I was doing okay, and then my army utterly imploded in a single turn. I see why Mortarion is 470 points.

Just in case you were wondering, the Death Guard butchered the Orks without using their Daemon Prince AT ALL. Yep, he just jumped around, capping Obj's all game. So, I could have got slaughtered even faster. That's nice to know.

Having played this Brigade for a while now, I've come to realize that it has A LOT of stuff in it that isn't pulling its weight. I'm trying to fight 1750 point battles relying on about 900 points of stuff to all the work. So, time for some adjustments.

And Mortarion? I had a plan. It failed utterly. A Warpathed mob with a clean shot at him could probably do the trick if they were hitting on 2+. But what I need is some fire support. Or more Skarboyz. Not sure yet.

Anyway, until next time, here's to hoping your games are fun!

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