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A new campaign starts!

ULANOR Crusade Battle 1

Mission Source: Chapter Approved 2017
Mission: Eternal War: Frontline Warfare / Spearhead Assault Deployment
Points: 1750
Armies: Orks [Evil Sunz / Bad Moons], Space Marines [Imperial Fists]

Captain Lysander has decided that now is the time to reclaim the ULANOR system from the clutches of the greenskins! Personally leading the veterans of the 1st Company in the initial assault, he is determined to drive out the Xeno filth!

Warboss Bonekleava has other plans, however. He's just about ready to launch a new WAAAGH!, and fighting the yellow beakies will bring Orks from all over the system flocking to his banner!

Army Lists

Space Marines [1740 pts, 93 PL]
1st Company with Apothecary support.

Imperial Fists Spearhead

HQ     Captain Lysander (Warlord)
HQ     Lt. Hektor

EL     Terminator Assault Squad Thanatos (10 TH & SS)
EL     Terminator Squad  Isokrates (10 Terminators, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile)
EL     Terminator Squad  Zosimos (10 Terminators, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile)

Imperial Fists Spearhead

HQ     Chaplain Krysaor
HQ     Librarian Xenocrates

EL     Apothecary Sophokles
EL     Apothecary Paeon
EL     Apothecary Nikephoros

Orks - Evil Sunz / Bad Moons [1749 pts, 87 PL]

The horde is ready.

Evil Sunz Battalion

HQ     Warboss Bonekleava, Da Killa Klaw, Attack Squig
HQ     Weirdboy Hellshredda
HQ     Weirdboy Goregasha

T      Boss Nob Icecracka's Boyz
T      Boss Nob Jawchoppa's Boyz
T      Boss Nob Boneshreddah's Boyz
T      Boss Nob Hedcrumpa's Boyz

EL     Banner Nob Kritzmazak
EL     Painboy Bloodcuttah

Bad Mooons Battalion

HQ     Big Mek Nogbugg (Forcefield), Big Choppa
HQ     Big Mek Balgrok (Shokk Cannon)

T      12 Gretchin
T      10 Gretchin
T      10 Gretchin

HS     15 Lootas


Warlord Traits
Lysander - Architect of War
Bonekleava - Brutal but Kunnin'

Psyker Powers
Librarian Xenocrates - Smite, Null Zone, Psychic Fortress
Weirdboy Hellshredda -Smite, Da Jump
Weirdboy Goregasha - Smite, Warpath

The Imperial Fists finished deploying first, gaining the +1 to the roll off, which they won. 
Lysander spent 2 CP boosting himself to Chapter Master.

Lysander deploys in position to take the fight to the Orks.
Lined up on the edge of the deployment zone, the Imperial Fists prepare to hurl themselves into the Ork horde.

Lootas screened by Gretchin and on the building for
good firing lanes.
Lootas on the building with Big Mek Balgrok and Big Mek Nogbugg for company, all screened by the gretchin. Nob's Icecracka and Jawchoppa lead their Mobs into the fight on foot, while Nob Boneshreddah waits behind the building for some psychic shennanigans, and Nob Hedcrumpah waits with his boyz on the Tellyporta pad (2 CP).

Seize the Initiative
Warboss Bonekleava fails to Sieze, and the Imperial Fists get things under way!

Turn 1 - Imperial Fists

Chaplain Krysaor recites the Litany of Hate.

The veterans move forward...

...targeting the Lootas...

...wiping out one Gretchin mob and killing two Lootas
(Orks used Grot Shields (1 CP)

IF CP Remaining: 3
Ork CP Remaining: 12

Turn 1 - Orks

Icecracka and Jawchoppa both lead their Mobs forward as fast as they could. (Advancing)
The two remaining Gretchin units moved in front of the Loota's as a screen.

Weirdboy Goregasha casts Warpath on Icecracka's Boyz,
but they fail to make the assault due to casualties to
Terminator Squad Zosimos.

Triggering additional shots on 5+ is good.

Doing it twice is even better.

Six casualties to Squad Zosimos,
and two to Squad Thanatos.

Squad Zosimos passes Morale and
prepares to get some revenge.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 8

Turn 2 - Imperial Fists

Chaplain Krysaor failed to be inspiring with his Canticle of Hate.
Squad Isokrates moved steadily towards the centerfield Marine-placed objective, while Squad Zosimos moved toward the centerfield Ork placed objective right in front of them.

Apothecary Nikephoros heals one member of Squad
Zosimos, who rises with an Assault Cannon.

The result of literally everyone who could, shooting at
the Loota's, with Grot Shields (1 CP) being employed once

Squad Thanatos and Squad Zosimos, supported by
Apothecaries Paeon and Nikephoros, smash into
Icecracka's Boyz.

Three dead from Squad Zosimos, and one from Squad

...but the carnage on the other side is far greater.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 8

Turn 2 - Orks

Hedcrumpa's Boyz get thrown across the field thanks to
Weirdboy Hellshredda casting Da Jump.

Boneshredda's Boyz arrive via Tellyporta.

Icecracka's Boyz decide to leg it, but Scalprippah's
 Boyz arrive to join the fun.
(Unstoppable Green Tide 3 CP)

Overview of the battle.

Boneshreddah's Boyz hurl themselves at Squad Thanatos,
and the sole remaining member of Squad Zosimos.

Scalprippah's Boyz chargeheadlong into a rather
solitary Apothecary Nikephoros. It was a quick but bloody
end for the hero.

Boneshreddah's Boyz reduce Squad Thanatos to
three members, and wipe out Squad Zosimos,
but are thinned down themselves.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 8

Turn 3 - Imperial Fists

Chaplain Krysaor failed to be inspiring with his Canticle of Hate again.
Squad Isokrates and Apothecary Sophokles move onto the centerfield Marine objective.

Casualties from Squad Isokrates's shooting. The new
Tactical Doctrine is no joke, and Bolter Discipline on
36 shots even when moving is quite brutal.

Casualties from Squad Isokrates's Assault on
Jawchoppa's Boyz. Squad Isokrates lost had two members
cut down  in return.

Things don't look so bad...

...other than those Orks in the Marine deployment zone.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 8

Turn 3 - Orks

Hedcrumpa's Boyz sat on the Marine home objective. Boneshreddah's Boyz moved toward the remaining members of Squad Thanatos, and most of the Ork characters decide to get in on the action.

Overview after movement.

Close in on all the character on character matchups
about to happen.

Weirdboy Goregasha fails to cast Smite on Squad Thanatos,
 taking two mortal wounds in the process.

Weirdboy Hellshredda manifests Smite on Squad Thanatos,
but it is denied by Librarian Xenocrates.

Carnage fills the street.
Boneshreddah's Boyz charge Lysander. He takes 4 wounds but kills 4 Boyz in return.

 The remnants of Scalprippah's Boyz assault Squad Thanatos and Lt. Hektor. Warboss Bonekleava steps up to Chaplain Krysaor, and Banner Nob Krtizmazak and Painboy Bloodcuttah flank Librarian Xenocrates.

Warboss Bonekleava lets loose on Chaplain Krysaor...

...who is gravely wounded, but survives with 1 wound left.

Squad Thanatos Counter Attacks (2 CP), buffed by Shock
 Assault, Chapter Master and Lt Hektor, and they wipe
out Scalprippah's Boyz before they even get to swing a choppa.

Fueled by rage at the insolence of the Marines killing his
Boyz, Warboss Bonekleava Gets Stuck In, Ladz!, (3 CP)
and attacks again...

...which proves to be too much for Chaplain Krysaor, who
crumples under the continued assault.

Librarian Xenocrates shrugs off Banner and Power Klaw
attacks, thanks to his Storm Shield (not pictured here,
but coming soon), and dutifully slays Banner Nob
Kritzmazak, doling out 8 wounds total.

Aftermath of the brutal street fighting.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 5

Turn 4 - Imperial Fists

Squad Isokrates moves towards Boneshreddah's Boyz.

Squad Thanatos (both of them) get ready to asault Boneshreddah's Boyz.

Lt. Hektor moves onto the centerfield Ork objective.

Apothecary Paeon heals a member of Squad Thanatos.

Overview of the dwindling forces of each side.

Librarian Xenocrates Smites Warboss Bonekleava.

All of Squad Isokrates target and completely annihilate
Painboy Bloodcuttah into a fine red mist.

Squad Thanatos (now three strong) attempt to come to the
 aid of their Captain.

Squad isokrates pile into Warboss Bonekleava...

...and make short work of him with their power fists.

On his last wound, Lysander stands alone...

...and shrugs off all damage done to him!

Can the Imperial Fists pull this one back from the brink?

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 5

Turn 4 - Orks

Few units left, not much moving.

Weirdboy Hellshredda tries to Da Jump himself closer to
the Marine centerfield objective, but fails to manifest the

Weirdboy Goregasha manifests Smite on Lt Hektor,
Librarian Xenocrates fails to Deny him...

...but Hektor only takes 1 mortal wound.

Angered, Goregasha charges in and finishes Hektor off
with his staff (which looks a lot like a choppa here.)

Boneshreddah's Boyz finally chop down Captain Lysander,
 leaving just Brother Sergeant Thanatos himself remaining.
 Apothecary Paeon  is standing just behind him.

Overview of what is left of the two armies.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 5

Turn 5 - Imperial Fists

Squad Isokrates moves around the corner of the building so they can target Big Mek Balgrok and his Shokk Attack Cannon. Few things can take that kind of fusillade (Tactical Doctrine, Bolter Discipline, Seige Masters).

Apothecary Paeon fails to heal a member of Squad
Thanatos, so spends the rest of the turn recovering

Librarian Xenocrates manifests Smite on Weirdboy
Goregasha, who fails to deny ....

...and he annihilates him utterly.

Boneshreddah's Boyz finally manage to chop down Brother
Sergeant Thanatos, and they next set their sights on
Apothecary Paeon.

IF CP Remaining: 3

Ork CP Remaining: 5

Turn 5 - Orks

The Orks have the advantage, they just need to not give the game away.

Weirdboy Hellshreddah finally manages to manifest
Da Jump getting past the psychic barrier of Librarian

...and he sends Big Mek Nogbugg to deal with Apothacary
Sophokles on the Marine centerfield objective.

Hedcrumpa's Boyz use the building to stay alive
while they sit on the Marine home objective.

Boneshreddah's Boyz chop and chop and chop,
(Get Stuck In, Ladz 3 CP)...

...until Apothecary Paeon falters, pummeled into gory submission.

Boneshreddah's Boyz then turn their bloody attention to
Librarian Xenocrates, and the Ork centerfield objective,
which they capture.

Overview at end of game.

IF CP Remaining: 3          3 Pts (Marine Centerfield Obj, Slay the Warlord)

Ork CP Remaining: 2       9 Pts (Ork Home Objective, Ork Centerfield Objective, Marine                                                            Home Objective, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker)


Ork victory in the campaign opener! 

Also, obviously some tactical mistakes made on both sides. Lootas should NEVER be that close to the enemy. They will be deployed MUCH farther back from now on, if possible.

Both of the Terminator Squads should have been deployed inside the fences beside the building, to get them in cover, which would have offset the AP-1 on the Deff Gunz, and would have given them an additional +1 to cover from Architect of War, not that they could have used it.

Terminators need to shoot for a turn or two to thin out the Ork numbers before they go charging into them. When they did catch the Orks in the open, away from the painboy, it was absolute slaughter. The new codex really has turned the power up on Marines.

Next mission is Maelstrom of War: Kill Confirmed!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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