Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Saga of the Beast - New Goffs list

Ghaz Returns!

Man, I am loving the new Ghaz datasheet. I know the internet is, by and large, giving him a pass as uncompetitive, but since I am a Goffs player, he is in.

Makari, on the other hand, not so much. For the same points, I'd rather have a Painboy.

That boost to Goffs is amazing. Re-roll 1's to hit in melee fits the fluff so well. Add in the mandatory (now) Nob with WAAAGH! Banner, and you have you basic Troop units being very killy when they daisey-chain to your command group.

The boost to Gretchin (6++, +1 BS, re-roll 1's to hit) is quite simply, awesome. There was always choice tension between Tractor Kannons and Smasha Guns. Auto-hitting with a ranged anti-tank weapon is simply awesome for Orks, but it's only single shot. Smasha Guns have more shots (on average), but can struggle with hit modifiers, especially when dealing with planes. I've left both in to see if there is a noticeable difference with the new rules, and those are also the models I currently have. 

Since we are unable to get games in normally, I am play testing at home, and will be doing batreps for these tests. I am testing Ghaz running on foot with the boyz, and also Tellyporta'ing him in on turn 2.

Anyway, here's the list as it currently stands.

ORKS - 2000 points [13 CP (6 spent pre-game)]

Battalion - Kulture: GOFFS

HQ     Ghaz [Warboss]
HQ     Weirdboy (Warphead) [Da Jump, Warpath] [-1 CP]

T         Nob w/ Powerklaw, 29 Skarboyz [-1 CP]
T         Nob w/ Powerklaw, 29 Skarboyz [-1 CP]
T         Nob w/ Powerklaw, 29 Skarboyz [-1 CP]
T         Nob w/ Powerklaw, 29 Skarboyz [-1 CP]

EL      Nob w/ WAAAGH! Banner w/ Power Klaw
EL      Painboy w/ Power Klaw

Battalion - Specialist Mob: Grot Mobs [-1 CP]

HQ     Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun
HQ     Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field

T        10 Gretchin
T        10 Gretchin
T        10 Gretchin

HS     5 Smasha Gunz
HS     4 Tractor Kannonz


Initially, the plan is to deploy everything on the table, and run three units of boyz and the enemy, while Da Jumping the fourth unit right in front of the enemy, and trying to get a charge of to wrap and trap at least one enemy unit.

With 160 S5 Skarboyz rushing at them, the enemy should be torn between shooting the boyz and trying to target the 9 artillery pouring firepower into them, popping transports and wrecking planes in short order. 

Also, the fact that Tractor Kannons make Primaris vehicles AUTO_EXPLODE is just gravy. Because fuck those guys. Man do I hate Primaris anything.

So, the first test is going to be the new Orks vs my standard Imperial Fists list. Last time the Fists spread out way too much, losing all the buffs the army is designed to function with. That particular mistake will not be made again.

Stay safe in these, uh, interesting times. Build, paint and test play! 

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