Thursday, 14 November 2019

Insurrection Campaign: Battle 1

Bad Deployment loses games.

Mission Source:  Don't remember
Mission:  Don't remember
Points:    1750     
Armies:   Space Marines: Imperial Fists / Chaos: Red Corsairs

I wasn't going to publish this game, since I played it so poorly, but I figured there are lessons to be learned. I was so concerned with the damage that Havocs could inflict on my mostly infantry force that I deployed very deep in my own quarter. So deep, in fact, that it auto-lost me the game.

There were only four objectives, one in each of our deployment zones, and one outside of each of our deployment zones. I never made it to the second objective I placed. Yep, horrible deployment, and I didn't even realize my error until turn 2, when I was already behind on points.

Anyways, a quick run-down of the game. This was played a while ago, so I don't remember all the details, but they don't really matter (things like Warlord Traits and Strat usage).

Also, just to point out, this game was pre-Imperial Fists supplement Codex.


Chaos deployment, ready to advance.

Imperial Fists, terrified of Havocs and

Turn 1

Chaos moves forward, and also sits on one
objective and moves toward another.

The Decimators manage to damage one Land Speeder.

Fists do not move forward, and engage what they can see,
being very little.

The Land Speeders jump onto the building that
blocked LoS, and shoot up one Decimator.

Low intensity conflict, everything so far away.

Red Corsairs: 1
Imperial Fists: 1

Turn 2

Decimators and Daemon Prince wreck Land
Speeders, and 5 Chaos Marines run onto an
objective (lower right)

Imperial Fists finally realize they need to move forward,
and just how far they are from their second objective.

Imperial Fists do kill the Daemon Prince.

Red Corsairs: 3
Imperial Fists: 2

Turn 3

Twenty Chaos Marines appear on the flank,
as well as Obliterators arriving from Deep
Strike. They manage to maul the Imperial
Fists infantry.

Red Corsairs keep racking up the mission points.

Imperial Fists slowly and methodically advance, pouring
out the firepower, but not accomplishing the mission.

Red Corsairs: 6
Imperial Fists: 3


At this point, we called it, as I realized I could not catch up on points even if the game went to turn 7. Lesson learned, hopefully. When you commit your fast elements early in the game and the get killed, you can't get to the other side of the board to contest objectives.

It was still a lot of fun to play, but that mistake was painful.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy gaming!

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