Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Insurrection Campaign: Battle 2

The Relic

Mission Source: 2018 Chapter Approved
Mission: Single objective in center of table
Points: 1750
Armies: Imperial Fists / Black Legion

Another attempt, pre-supplement for Imperial Fists, to make infantry work. Terminators, this time.

This game was so one sided I didn't really take good notes for it. Another example of learning lessons from getting my ass whipped. This time, it was learning that it is still worth it to put units with a 2+ armour save in cover to offset AP -1. Been playing this game for almost 30 years, you'd think I'd have that one ingrained at this point. Nope, gotta learn some things the hard way. 

Turn 1

The Terminator bomb. 30 Terminators, with Apothecary
support. Plus Lysander, a Chaplain and Librarian.

All they need to do is get into the ruin right
in front of them.

The Chaos gun bubble of doom. Deredeo's, Havocs and
other gun toting stuff.

Plus a mortal wound dealing Biker Lord, but
not the super-killy version.

The Chaos death bubble moves forward.

Turn 2

Chaos Lord jumps onto the objective. Everything
else moves up to support him.

Imperial Fists Hammernators pulp some
 Cultists in return.

Shooty Terminators inflict damage on Chaos Marines.

Chaos bodies ready to hurl themselves onto
the objective, right in front of them.

Turn 3

Chaos Biker Lord killed by Chaplain, Lieutenant
and Apothecary (in black). They Consolidate into
the Contemptor.

The 10 Terminators have been gunned down
by Chaos shooting (S8 AP -1 D2), leaving the
Apothecary alone.

Another Apothecary finds himself standing amidst
the bodies of his Terminators, and staring down the barrel
of a chaingun toting Havoc.

Imperial Fist heroes charge whatever they can
reach in a Forlorn Hope, and die accordingly.

Chaos in possession of the battlefield.

A different view of the one sided slaughter.

Abbadon claiming the single objective for
the forces of evil!


Terminators walking into S8 AP-1 D2 fire is grim. They really needed to stay to the ruins to offset that AP-1. Lesson learned. This list will get another go once the new book is in my hands. Bolter Fire, Siege Masters, +1 To Hit for Terminators and +1 To Wound from the Chaplain, as well as taking advantage of Cover might keep them on the table a little longer.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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